The first billboard to keep track of passers-by

    At the Tokyo train station, the world's first billboard has been installed to track passers-by . Using video cameras, the built-in software tries to find people who are looking at a billboard. Faces are not yet recognized, and there are no personalized ads yet. The billboard only keeps track of the number of people who are looking at a particular advertisement. This information, for example, can be used to sell ads with pay-per-view views or simply to measure the effectiveness of advertising.

    The surveillance of passers-by is carried out using two cameras, face search is carried out by standard software for pattern recognition. The system is already installed and working, but full-fledged tests will begin only in January. The experiment is carried out with the help of NTT Communications.

    Such technologies, even in the most primitive form, can become very relevant in the near future. Indeed, modern people are heavily overloaded with visual information, so for effective work, advertisers need to know exactly where outdoor advertising is most effective, that is, where they really look at it.

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