Radio 2.0 (today and tomorrow, startup?)

    Recently I came across a project that has been living for the third month, and is called station2.0, in principle, based on the "metaphor" 2.0, the radio station should imply appropriate content. But so far this is a kind of studio from which various music is broadcast on the "bold" channel. At the moment, the administration justifies itself by the fact that it is undergoing a “preform”, and in general it is only beta, but they have not yet decided on their future plans.

    It seems to me that 2.0 requires the active participation of all listeners, moreover, technically it is not so difficult. Winamp, which allows you to implement network broadcasting, has long maintained its resource on which there is an (almost) complete list of registered and not-so-online radio stations that broadcast in a variety of formats. And here, it seems to me, it is necessary to give people the opportunity to broadcast their programs and music sets right from home, since the winamp has already taken care of us.

    In the future, each author and musician who sounded on the air, evaluates the public registered on the site. Naturally, it is necessary to conduct preliminary listening and small conversations in order to know what will go on the air. These are such thoughts, they visited me. Perhaps the administration will get to this, but for now it’s not clear to me why the title contains “index” 2.0. Perhaps they are trying to figure out how to get money from all this, or maybe this is just a whim.

    This was my IMHO , regarding a pilot project announced a month ago. But so that there were no fair comments by commentators, I decided to offer below my vision of a project of this direction, legally possessing an “index” of 2.0.

    In my opinion, the following should be ideally done. Create a social network, since this is 2.0, the chip of which is direct “radio” broadcasting on the network. Technically, this can be done through the Winamp plugin, which allows you to broadcast audio to the network. The plugin is both for Win, and for * nix, OSes. And each network user who installed this software and offered his own program, as described below, can potentially go on the air.

    Network users create topics in which they outline the theme, format and musical accompaniment of their program. Other users vote, adjust and express their opinion on each published announcement. Some of them may offer their help in organizing the program.

    Say, every weekend, for example, by analyzing the data received, the network administration, based on the discussions, plans an appropriate program schedule for the next week. After carrying out their program, users who are given "airtime" receive feedback on the organization of their program and its quality. Which, in turn, means either the further development of this program and repeated "broadcasts", or if users do not like it, the program is deleted from the following graphs.

    What is the difference between “live broadcast” and the podcast, everything is very simple when the broadcast is in progress, then you can interact with the organizers of the program in real time, in contrast to the dead MP3 downloaded after recording. It also helps not only to revitalize the “ether”, but also improves the quality of the “product” prepared by users for the “ether”.

    Perhaps a chaotic presentation, but I tried to be as clear as possible.
    I would like to hear the opinion of the population about my guesses and assumptions.

    UPD : I hope that UPDATE will make my thoughts more clear, I apologize for the brevity and low content in the original version of the post ...

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