Vikings attack (Worm.Win32.Viking.hb)

    Tired of it. A debugger window crashes a second time in a day with an error in rundl132.dll . I want to cure the infection - I'm tired of deleting files with my hands every time and clean the registry. She suffered, suffered, and found a wonderful solution from Panda. Like any free antivirus, Panda does not cure everything, but, what is wonderful, it exports all the problems found to a text file. All that remains is to apply a simple script, for example, under Cygwin :, cut -b 114- /c/Documents\ and\ Settings/masik/My\ Documents/ActiveScan.txt | sed -s 's/^/rm "/; s/$/"/' | shand the computer is clean! Tip: first, it’s better to write echo rminstead of rmaccidentally not deleting anything extra.

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