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    At a special event that took place on November 25 in the Moscow office of Google, the company officially announced the Wikipoisk service (SearchWiki) - an individual setting for search results. Actually, a week ago, this service discovered and described the haberman k48 . A little later, zakalka, a human being, copied Cnews news about this. And much earlier, as many have already forgotten, Google’s experiments were noticed by kossnocorp . Now we know everything for sure - this is not just an experiment.

    Yes, now every logged-in Google user will be able to rank links in the search results at their discretion - to raise some to the very top and exclude some from it at all. These ratings will only affect the results that are shown to this user himself, and he will be able to roll back any of his ratings.

    If Google didn’t show the page that seems to be the most suitable for the search query, he can add a link to it in a special form at the bottom of the page. The added link will automatically rank first.

    Adding the best link option for a search query on Wikipedia
    Also now, for each link in the issue, you can add your comment.
    Adding a comment to a page on Wikipedia
    Comments and votes on links for any request from all users can be viewed on a special page.
    All changes and comments for the query cars in Wikipedia
    “We have always believed that the best search engine should understand what the user needs,” said Juergen Galler, Google Product Director. “Wikipoisk really brings Google closer to this ideal: this is the deepest search setting we have ever proposed, because the user knows best which search results are best for him.”

    For obvious reasons, the struggle with the armies of optimizers, Google has no plans to use Wikipoisk data in the link ranking formulas in a general, not an individual search. But in the future such an opportunity is not excluded.

    Unfortunately, it is still unknown when SearchWiki will be localized in Russia. But judging by how attentively the Habrasociety is treating the new products of Google, we definitely will not miss this news.

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