Platform 2009 is waiting for habra

    On December 4-5, the 10th annual conference for IT professionals Platform-2009 will be held in the building of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow . As always, in spite of any crises, visitors will be waiting there:
    • more than 60 reports on the latest and already proven technologies, divided into several thematic sections;
    • practical exercises, laboratory classes and round tables with the participation of the most prominent Russian and foreign experts;
    • an exhibition of partners and hordes of experts open to questions and consultations in the special area “Ask an Expert”;
    • live communication with colleagues from all over the country;

    And our Habrahabr and I became the informational sponsor of the conference. And unlike all the rest, ordinary information sponsors, only Habr was able to fill the "Platform" with his representatives more than half :) Come, participate and talk about everything here. Habrahabr is waiting for your posts,% username &!

    Registration for a live event is already closed , but everyone will be able to feel there, as if in reality, by watching live broadcasts of all reports and 50 additional technical reports on the Online Platform . Hurray to the Internet!

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