Google’s glitches on your domain

    Disclaimer. The topic is debatable, it does not have a tutorial laid out on the shelves or stunningly interesting news, but there is a proposal to discuss the problem. It may be of interest only to those who use soap from Google Services (Google Apps). The rest is under the cut.

    For one of our sites, we use the free version of e-mail from Google Services (Google Apps). We have been using it for a long time, since six months already and everything seems to be fine. Uptime is close to 100% (maybe once a month the servers are unavailable for half an hour), the spam filter is good (this was one of the main reasons for the transition), the web interface you yourself know is one of the best.
    However, in the last few weeks problems have appeared - the system has begun to lose letters. Letters are lost when forwarding from one user within the domain to another, letters from external addresses are lost. Missing emails are not found in spam either, they simply aren't there. They leave the sender, there is no shit, everything is OK, but they don’t reach the recipient. Moreover, nothing comes from some of the respondents, and from time to time, a letter passes from some, sometimes not. For alternative mailboxes, letters from "bad" senders reach normally, so the situation cannot be explained with the problems with their sending servers.

    Has anyone else from a reputable community encountered a similar problem? What are your thoughts on this? I understand that the system is free and it’s silly to make special complaints to Google, as they say - “I don’t like it, don’t eat it,” but I would like to figure it out, it’s just that we are not so lucky or the problem is more general.

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