Sprouts on the keyboard 2

    Recently I painted a logo on the theme of "electronic" vegetation. Fired up with the desire to grow and pofotkat living greens sticking out of a laptop. On the net already walked photos with sprouts in the keyboard. There, the dude poured seeds between the keys and watered abundantly until the crop came up. But I still need a laptop keyboard, so I decided to plant a garden in places remote from the electronics, and only green the laptop for the duration of the shoot.

    The seeds stole from a hamster. Then I will return in the form of a salad. :) In the feed there was corn, sunflower seeds, millet, wheat, oats, came across undocumented hemp and some other small grains. He made a selective selection and laid out to soak on a damp cloth. I decided to grow in a box from under the compacts. Wonderful thing, perfectly replaces the greenhouse.

    Yuri Apostol.  Sprouts

    Added land as the roots climbed.

    Yuri Apostol.  Sprouts

    When the greens grew and began to rest against the ceiling, I changed the cover to a higher one.

    Yuri Apostol.  Sprouts

    By the way, the roots appeared on the second day almost at the same time among all the comrades, and the sprouts were the first to be eaten by millet and corn (the second day), then the sunflower leaves began to try to free themselves from the shell, the oats popped. Wheat got out last somewhere on the 4th day.

    Yuri Apostol.  Sprouts

    The most beautiful at the time of filming were millet sprouts. Corn with its large and thick roots looked like cuttlefish and did not pass the casting.

    Yuri Apostol.  Sprouts

    We invite models to the studio, and begin a photo shoot. :) This is what a three-day dragonfly sunflower looks like .

    Yuri Apostol.  Sunflower sprout

    USB sunflower. The memory capacity is 4 GB, the read speed is 16 Mb / s, and the write speed is 12.

    Yuri Apostol.  USB Sunflower Sprout

    And oats there too.

    Yuri Apostol.  Oat sprout

    Millet tramples on the keys.

    Yuri Apostol.  Sprout of millet, keyboard

    Millet looks best on the keyboard.

    Yuri Apostol.  Sprouts of millet, keyboard


    Yuri Apostol.  Sprouts in a compact box

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