Hook Banners on Facebook

    Social networks continue to experiment in trying to find a suitable and somehow effective ad format. So far, no one has succeeded, but it is very exciting to watch their innovative efforts. For example, the other day a new advertising format was introduced by Facebook . They call this “engagement ads” because they have to “hook” the user, drawing him into some kind of interactive.

    Each banner ad is clearly targeted and not shown to everyone. It appears on the first page as soon as the user has logged in. The user is invited to actively do something with advertising: for example, enter a comment on the movie trailer or add an advertising event to your personal calendar. If he does this, then the system begins to work. All of his friends will be notified of the user's action.

    Facebook has high hopes for a new ad format. They have quietly tested it since August, but only now have begun to offer it to advertisers. According to Facebook management, they advertise 70 of the 100 largest US advertisers. True, advertising volumes are not very large so far: Facebook has only 1.1% of the US online advertising market, while rival MySpace has 15.9% with a smaller audience.

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