Talk face to face right from Gmail

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Serge Lachapelle, Product Manager, Stockholm

Whether you are watching a video on YouTube or scrolling through a family album, you must admit that you like to watch real events. And since webcams have already become part of our daily lives, more and more people are eager to use video for communication. Today we present Gmail voice and video chat, which allows you to see your interlocutor completely free of charge without leaving your Gmail mailbox.
Using video chat from Gmail is as easy as sending instant messages. This really handy tool really helps in the collaboration of our team, scattered across various Google offices around the world. Just click on the new “Video and more” menu in the Gmail chat window and select “Start video chat” or “Enable voice chat”. You can switch to full-screen viewing mode or open an independent chat window, changing its size and location as you wish. Of course, not everyone has webcams, but now everyone has the opportunity to talk through Gmail along with the traditional exchange of letters and chat. Check out this short video to learn more: 

Voice and video chats will appear in Gmail worldwide in the coming days for Mac and PC. At first use, you will be prompted to download and install a small plugin. To get started, go to or go to the Options menu in the Gmail chat window and select "Add voice or video chat." Learn more at the Gmail Blog .

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