How to leave the detachment of "bydlokoderov" when there is little time?

    Good day, Habrasociety!

    To start, I’ll tell you a little about myself. One way or another, I’ve been engaged in web development for not less than 5 years, but, unfortunately, I don’t think that I have achieved much during this time and I rate my level as average. The main emphasis in PHP, I think that I know it well, but in OOP it’s not like a fish in water yet, although I try to improve myself in this and plan and constantly replenish my knowledge base.

    The essence of the problem.

    The fact is that there are always many tasks, but not enough time. Often you need to add functionality to sites that operate without any CMS at all, or with a very conditional management system. It turns out how, you sit and think about the structure / logic of a simple script, you start writing, debugging - everything seems to be ok. You do everything on time, but in the end the client usually wants to make some corrections and in emergency mode have to put all kinds of crutches, breaking the original structure, which does not imply such an expansion, and thereby generating a lot of bydcode.
    And so, from time to time - experience is growing, I’m making more and more flexible and better scalable scripts, but still the feeling that something is not right does not leave.

    Statement of a question.

    Since you constantly have to perform standard and similar actions: write interfaces for adding / editing records in the database, work with forms, create and display content , a reasonable thought is born - “You can use tools that will save my time and effort spent on these tasks ".

    But here, in fact, two options:
    1. Write your own bike
    2. Use existing developments

    The second option is now more rational for me, although the first also has its advantages, in the form of accumulation of experience.
    Yes, there are frameworks, but those that I know are too monstroid, and in the framework of my tasks it will look like a gun on sparrows. I need a small toolkit so that it is not difficult, and it is not unprofitable to use it to implement simple functionality, and so that in the end it is a flexible and high-quality code .

    That is, I have two goals:
    1. Time saving
    2. The use of tools that, one way or another, would oblige to monitor the quality of the code (well, or simply by their simplicity excluded the production of "bydlokod", there are many options)

    I ask the Habrasociety to give good advice on this topic.

    The essence of the post.

    I understand that such questions have been raised, in one form or another, on Habré more than once, but I would like to collect more information and, as a pay for attention, put it all in one good and high-quality post.

    ps: on the topic of "formation and output of content" - everything seems to be clear, you need to look towards the template engines, about which, fortunately, there are more than one post on the hub, but if you have something to say, then I will be glad to listen.
    pps: there is little experience writing posts so I apologize for some confusion.

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