Like PS: skin for the message box


    Sometimes I want to draw, that was the moment yesterday. On this occasion, I decided to make a new skin for Miranda.

    Briefly about the innovations.

    I never understood why a window title is needed in a conversation dialogue in the Miranda.
    The fact is that the heading usually duplicates what is written on the currently active tab.
    After thinking about this, I decided to reduce the control buttons of the window, put the menu in the title (unless of course you configure the Miranda so that it displays the menu). Here is what came out of this idea.


    And if the menu is hidden, then the bookmarks are almost at the top of the window, ala Google Chrome. This was not done intentionally.

    I also fiddled with the tab display mode at the bottom of the window. Within the framework of one skin, it was not possible to solve this issue. With different settings, one or another artifact got out. I had to make another skin, for those who are used to using bookmarks from below.
    Here is how it looks.

    You can download the skin by clicking on the link below, also there you can see a couple of screenshots with other view settings.
    Download here

    Especially for those who were offended by the lack of a title by the window and the dissimilarity to Photoshop:
    1. I offer my deepest apologies, in no case did not want to offend you.
    2. Slightly changed the skin settings, now it looks like this.
    3. The message area does not apply to the skin, this is a topic that everyone can change to suit their needs, I just took a screenshot with my theme. A skin is a title, bookmarks, window borders.
    4. Renamed the post so as not to hurt the soul =)))

    It looks something like this.

    How to return the title to the skin and make the frame thinner?

    Some habrayuzers asked me to tell how to return the title and change the thickness of the borders in the skin. I tell you.

    Open the LikePS.tsk or LikePS_bottom.tsk file (depending on which one you use) in any text editor, notepad is quite suitable.

    We look for the WindowFrame section and change the text as follows (values ​​in pixels) The above are the values ​​for the sykne shown in the previous figure in the post (with a title and a thin border).

    Left=5 ;толщина левого края окна
    Right=5 ;толщина правого края окна
    Bottom=5 ;толщина нижнего края окна
    Caption=13 ;высота заголовка
    ClipFrame=1 ;если сюда поставить 0, то рамка окна будет отрисована windows


    CaptionOffset = 4 ;отступ от верхнего края окна
    CaptionPadding = 4 ;отступ заголовка от правого края окна

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