Opera 9.6 (9.5x) + Linux + subpixel font smoothing.

    I complained for a long time both here and here that the fonts in Opera under Linux (and specifically, when using it in the Gnome shell) are something blurry and indigestible. No one ever answered - did everyone really like it?

    So ... In order to enable sub-pixel anti-aliasing of fonts in Opera, you need to install KControl and put the necessary checkmark in the font settings. After this, some individuals will still argue that Opera is not for KDE imprisoned? And KControl, by the way, put and demolish 94 meters. Demolish as unnecessary - then everything will work.

    Thanks to all.

    Upd.I will answer everyone here. Yes, the tone of the topic is hysterical. It’s hard when you don’t know where to dig and what is the reason. Yes, it infuriates me that I had to configure fonts in a Qt application through the KDE configuration utility, and not through q4-qtconfig. In general, something should be wrong ... And now, when it is clear what is the reason for this behavior - I will dig towards normal system settings. Note that in Skype, Arora and other Qt4 applications, fonts were normal IMMEDIATELY. Yes, you don’t have to go far - qt4-qtconfig also picked up everything right away.

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