SpaceX: next year we will send two space tourists to the Moon

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We are very pleased to announce that SpaceX is planning to send two tourists on a flight around the moon at the end of next 2018. They have already made a significant contribution to this lunar mission. Like the Apollo astronauts before them, they will go to the Moon with the hopes and dreams of all mankind, guided by the spirit of human curiosity and discovery. We will test their health, physical fitness and begin individual training as early as this year. Other teams also show considerable interest, and we expect that there will be more willing people. Additional information about the team and who will enter the crew will be made public after conducting health and fitness tests.


Most importantly, we would like to thank NASA, without which all this would be impossible. The NASA space program for the development of private manned space exploration has financed most of the work on the creation of the spacecraft Dragon 2, which is key to this mission. We also use the Falcon Heavy launch vehicle, the development of which is funded by SpaceX’s own funds. The first test launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket is scheduled for this summer, and if it is successful, it will be the most powerful ship that has been launched into orbit since the Saturn 5 lunar rocket. 2300 tons of thrust at launch is two-thirds of Saturn 5 and more than double exceeds the thrust of the most powerful rocket currently in use.

Later this year, as part of the private manned space program, we will launch a manned Dragon ship (Dragon version 2) to the International Space Station. The first demonstration flight will be performed automatically without people on board. A follow-up mission with the crew is expected in the second quarter of 2018. SpaceX has now signed a contract for an average of four flights of Dragon 2 per year to the ISS: three cargo and one with the crew. Performing travel launches, in which NASA also supports us, will in the long run reduce cost and increase reliability, benefiting both public and private launches.

After the launch of the current manned missions for NASA SpaceX will make a private launch to fly around the moon and return to Earth. The launch will take place from the historic site 39A of the Kennedy Space Center near Cape Canaveral, from the same site that was used to launch the Apollo lunar program. This gives people the opportunity to return to deep space for the first time in 45 years and travel faster and farther in the solar system than ever before.

From the very beginning, the Dragon spacecraft developed for the transport of people already has long flight experience. Missions that use this experience and expand it to fly into deep space will be an important milestone in our ultimate goal of bringing people to Mars.

Original: SpaceX to send privately crewed dragon spacecraft beyond the moon next year

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