Case ASUS VENTO TA-M1 - four-cooler draft

    The ASUS VENTO TA-M1 case shown recently is focused on high-performance systems. Therefore, the main task that ASUS engineers tried to solve was to ensure the most efficient heat dissipation.

    In order to achieve this good goal, the developers placed four fans in the casing: front, aft and two side. It is not known how this affected the noise, but this quartet of coolers should be well ventilated. A feature of the design of the case is that side coolers with a diameter of 4.7 inches are mounted on a movable plate. This solution allows, if necessary, to redirect the air flow, for example, from the video card to the processor and vice versa. The side wall itself, as well as the front and top panels are made of fine mesh, which also contributes to better ventilation.

    Given the size of the case, it can be argued that it is perfect for both 15-inch PCI-E VGA and 11-inch SLI / Crossfire cards. In total, the case provides seven slots for video cards. In addition, ASUS VENTO TA-M1B boasts the presence of 4 five-inch and 4 three-inch slots for drives and card readers. Devices are fixed in the case with clamps, not screws, which users will obviously appreciate. On the front panel are two audio outputs and a pair of USB 2.0 ports.

    Unfortunately, the time of sale and the cost of ASUS VENTO TA-M1 are not yet known.

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