The Chinese factory replaced 90% of employees with robots and received a performance increase of 250%

    In our time, technology is developing very quickly. Among other areas where progress is highly visible - industrial robotics. Experts create all new robots, which in many cases are much more effective than humans. One example is the replacement of employees by one of the industrial enterprises of China in Dongguan . Of the 650 people who worked in the factory, the management left only 60, replacing the rest with robots. The remaining employees only do maintenance work on their metal counterparts. In other words, the responsibilities of staff include ensuring the continuity of the production process. If one of the devices starts to fail, it is quickly brought to life.

    The factory in question is owned by Changying Precision Technology Company. She produces mobile phones using automatic assembly lines. Previously, the same work was performed by people sitting along the assembly line (a similar picture can be seen in photos from the same Foxconn factories). Now, at each key stage of mobile device assembly, robotic manipulators are located, each of which performs a limited set of operations. Even vehicles used for the carriage of goods are working offline in the enterprise.

    60 robot maintenance personnel is quite a lot. On the other hand, the manipulators themselves are quite complex systems that need to be looked after. Now everything is going smoothly, so the head of the company is even thinking about reducing the number of staff from 60 to 20 people.

    The effect of replacing people in robots was not slow to appear: the enterprise's productivity immediately increased by 250%. But the number of defective parts dropped sharply - from 25% to 5%. From a business point of view, management did the right thing, replacing unqualified staff, because 25% of marriage is a lot.

    Changying Precision Technology Company is not the only one who is gradually replacing its human workers with robots. Back in 2015, the company Shenzhen Evenwin Precision Technology announced its intention to replace 90% of its employees (and this, almost, 1,800 people) with robots. And the management gradually realizes its plans. Now about 200 people work at the enterprises of this organization, which, as in the case described above, are monitoring the robots. If a problem occurs with a robot, it is solved by a person. But all the work processes are running machines. In general, in South China, more than 1,500 enterprises are gradually replacing their employees with robots, with the passage of time this trend only intensifies.

    It is clear that the Chinese, who lost their jobs because of robots, are not too happy with what happened. Therefore , strikes and rallies are held regularly in the region . True, the results of these activities have not yet given.

    The Chinese government has recently presented a plan for the development of the country's industrial sector up to 2025. In this regard, in particular, the need for robotization of production in the whole Celestial Empire is mentioned. Experts, in turn, predict that by 2025 about a third of the types of work in enterprises that are now performed by humans will be performed by robots, smart devices and specialized software. This applies not only to China, but to the whole world.

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