Openmokast - the first device based on the Openmoko smartphone

    In continuation of the recently raised habrotopik about “open source hardware”, I want to share the news that we just discovered.

    The Canadian CRC (Communications Research Center Canada) created a prototype of the first device based on the Openmoko project Neo FreeRunner open smartphone. It was called Openmokast , which explains its main feature - this phone is equipped with access to broadcast data broadcasts (datacasting).

    To do this, the CRC was added to the original Neo FreeRunner:
    • USB receiver for decoding radio signals of various formats (DAB, DAB +, DMB, Slideshow, Visual Radio and Journaline);
    • included in the composition of the software developments of the CRC-DABRMS project, originally designed to control DAB receivers for PCs.

    The result is this phone:

    You can look at its program interface on and on .

    Openmokast will show the public at IBC 2008, which will be held in Amsterdam (Holland) from September 12 to 16.


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