Wednesday September 10th

    Events :
    Pass to the lecture of the head of Google Russia from FPPP.
    Registration for Blogcamp CEE 2008 is open . Let's Rock 2008
    Summary . ( D ) Large Hadron Collider launched successfully . Dramas and offers : Pluses and malicious minusers: how to deal with them . Comments and respect . Design and Usability : Usability Bulletin, Issue 21 . Gadgets / technology : RFID tags from Tikitag - home pampering. Impressions of the Sony Reader 505.

    The end of privacy and from Apple.
    Netbooks : history, terminology, markets.
    Sony Ericsson XPERIA 1 - start at the end of the month . Microsoft
    Blue Track Mouse .
    15 meter La Princesse spider and show in Liverpool . ( D )
    How much time in real life do you spend on a routine ? ( D )
    Entertrainer stimulates the activity of the TV volume . ( D )
    Digitization of business cards . ( D ) A
    wristwatch playing ping pong by time. ( D )
    Super-dictionary at your fingertip . ( D )

    Development :
    AJAX, requests and timeouts .
    .NET Expression Trees and Reflection Optimization.
    jQuery for beginners, part 2: JavaScript menu .
    Examples of the Google Maps API, part 2: hiding map controls part; 3: info window functionality .

    Releases :
    Opera 9.60 - new features .
    RichFaces 3.2.2 .
    Flash Player 10 "Astro" .
    IE8: CSS Changes and Developer Information .
    MDC : the new multi-protocol messenger.
    iTunes 8 - first impressions .

    Another fucking startup : - another one with wheels.
    Livestreet CMS - be like Habr.
    Microsoft Gifts : ITQuiz and TechDays.

    Useful :
    Instructions for mastering Google Chrome perfectly.
    DDos protection , simple but effective script.
    Taming the GreaseMonkey.
    The introduction of IP-telephony in the enterprise .
    Bookmarklet for displaying a breadboard grid.
    Greasemetal is an analogue of greasemonkey for Google Chrome.
    23 themes for Chrome .
    Habrahabr: where are we from ?
    How to read a password-protected .doc or .xls document
    Work and study in Germany, part 2 .

    Interesting :
    We have already created our own collider .
    Neil Stevenson and the online presentation of the novel .
    Email : legal document or not?
    The blogosphere buried press conferences.
    “Statuses” and mobile communications.
    Ingenious password protection of the largest Kazakhstan bank.
    Google sends data centers on a sea voyage .
    Freelancer = trained monkey ?
    The battle between living and nonliving, cat vs. the robot .
    Revolving houses.
    Russian programmers are among the winners of the Android Developer Challenge.
    Geo-barcoding 2.0.
    Esquire with electronic cover .
    Viruses: Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Tiny
    Inventor of iPod and other losers .
    Modes of IE8 beta 2.
    Interview with Zbigniew Braniecki from Mozilla Europe, about the past and future of the web .
    Google, under pressure from the European Parliament, has reduced the storage period of user data .

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