We have already created our own collider

    After I first learned about what the Large Hadron Collider is, a worm stirred in my head: "Somewhere I already heard about it."
    Then he remembered: I read about this when I was still in school, in the journal “Young Technician”.

    The gamma microscope in which the
    plasma black hole was created

    So, an attempt to explain “in my own words” how I understand this experiment.

    Scheme of obtaining a black hole at the annihilation point
    We have an accelerator. In fact, this is a series of electromagnets that accelerate charged particles, according to the principle of a Gaussian gun (Such a gun in a stalker, in a fallout and in real life ; see also the manufacture of a gun in office conditions ). Almost everyone has such at home - something like this is the cathode-ray tube of a TV or CRT monitor.
    If electrons are dispersed in one such "tube" and positrons in the other, then when they collide, the so-called annihilation will occur with the formation of microscopic black holes and new particles - hadrons. Let me remind you that in the LHC, electrons with positrons are not accelerated at all, but protons, which are an order of magnitude heavier.
    So, back to the "Young Technician". The idea of ​​the article is not about particles at all, but about the ability to control time. So, a couple of quotes and, in fact, the article itself: jtdigest.narod.ru/dig1_01/timemash.htm
    ... It was such an idea that led the author of this article to begin the development of a series of experiments that were conducted at the Scientific Research Institute "QUANT-2".
    The essence of these experiments was to obtain an elementary black hole in laboratory conditions and to prove that it is really possible to change - slow down and accelerate - time using this object. To do this, we needed to compress the region of the plasma obtained by annihilating the opposing beams of electrons and positrons by opposing electromagnetic fields ...

    ... As a result, from 1998 to 1999, a number of experiments were carried out to create thermonuclear reactions in a hydrogen plasma by heating the annihilation energy of the opposing particle beams and antiparticles, the creation of a plasma black hole and the study of its properties ...

    Roughly speaking, ours already did this, albeit on a smaller scale. And no end of the world happened.

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