Weekly startup meetings

    Surely, now a number of people are working on their own startups. I am sure that most of them work on them from morning to evening and often on weekends. I don’t know how others do, but I have such a schedule in addition to a sense of satisfaction and promotes asocialization: I don’t especially want to see friends, going somewhere alone is not always fun either.

    Paul Grahamhelps their wards at Y-Combinator fight against socialization with weekly joint dinners. I would like to offer you about the same thing: why don't we meet, get to know each other, tell each other about how we live and work on our projects (and, I note, without mentioning the project ideas themselves - not everyone agrees to tell before launch strangers), about what new we learned and about the technologies that we use. Well, drink beer, coffee and generally eat. In general, such a human dinner.

    I live in St. Petersburg, so my proposal relates specifically to St. Petersburg. But residents of other cities, I hope, will follow our example if it is successful. We’ll choose a place somehow together, time — I think Saturday / Sunday evening — that’s it. Duration - how it goes. What do you think?

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