Will Plica make us forget the iPhone?

    The designers of this mobile concept are seriously confident that their product is able to become No. 1 in the world in all respects. Nevertheless, unlike many other concepts, the new Plica really turned out to be worthy of attention.The device is equipped with two touch screens, one of which is used as a monitor, and the second acts as a keyboard. In addition, web pages or other images can be “expanded” into two screens at the same time.

    The design did not disappoint either - the device is made in the style of restrained and elegant minimalism.

    In general, Plica even more resembles a mini-laptop, “packed” in the form of a mobile phone. Let's hope that designer James Piatt is lucky and his “brainchild” gets into mass production.

    As for me, such a form factor should conquer some part of the market. The buyers of such devices will be people who do not want to carry a bag with a separate device and do not have a communicator screen (its size). That is, you carry a small device with you, and when you expand it, you get a screen the size of a UMPC screen. Conveniently? Of course!

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