Draft: Website concept for a training company

    The note was written for my colleague, who is thinking about launching her training company.
    Who needs a website concept?
    It is important for an investor, an entrepreneur to calculate the time and money spent on designing, developing, launching and promoting a site.
    Incomplete, unreal, inconsistent, unjustified concept will lead to the following results
    • Project budget exceeded due to errors in evaluation
    • Unrealized requirements (for example, you thought that the system can analyze the site’s logs, but it turned out that this function does not exist)
    • Failure of the project due to numerous changes in requirements

    Determining the business goals of the site

    what should the user do
    • Add to bookmarks,
    • send list to friend
    • save / print the article,
    • send a request for consultation,
    • order service

    look at the sites of training companies - what your site will look like and what it looks like -
    make a list
    • articles
    • videos
    • podcasts ...

    Complete the list with what you consider important to publish. Schedule the preparation and publication of materials for the next six months after launch

    Website Design

    Statement of requirements

    • to the content management system (CMS),
    • hosting
    • layouts of the main page, section pages

    source requirements
    • business
    • search promotion
    • usability
    • design

    Creating Information Architecture

    • How the partition hierarchy will be built
    • which sections will be updated most often


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