Prototype and beta: 2 weeks to 3 months

    An interesting discussion took place - JumpStart writes that they are looking for teams that will create a service in 2 weeks and will promote it for 3 weeks. How long does an IT startup need to create a prototype, beta, demo?
    We asked 3 entrepreneurs in our blog: Ilya Shirokova (My Circle), Maxim Snigirev (Jami) and Alexander Sergeyev (DataMash, Taxxi, Baikonur, Epsylon, etc.)

    - How long did the first versions of services in Epsylon, Sundera and DataMash develop?
    - There is different experience for different types of services. The first Baikonur Server was created in 2 weeks. Taxxi Communicator - per month. Baikonur was bought six months later, but about a year later we added it, and only after a break-in in battle did it turn into a product. Details - A.Sergeev

    - How long has the first version of the My Circle website been developed?
    - The prototype of the “My Circle” service was made in 3 months. After that, for about a month, the prototype was rolled in on friends and acquaintances. Then a full beta version was executed, a press release was issued, and a marketing campaign began. Details - I. Shirokov

    - How long has the Jami team created their “box” of bluetooth devices? What problems do you have?
    - Long enough, because changed several teams. The main problem was that the project started with an idea, and then they figured out how to implement it and started looking for artists. The first prototype was ready in a month, but it kept quite barely and can not be called an industrial model. If serious, then about six months. And then this is a simple version. We are still working very actively on all sorts of features. Read more - M. Snigirev

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