Personal Blogs

    Almost every day on Habré such a scenario is played out: having received the first couple of pluses to karma, some habruchelka writes his first post in a “personal blog”, and writes ... well, in general something completely personal, non-public or socially insignificant. Many immediately fly away in minus.

    Here is a description now meets us on the right when writing a new post:
    Blog Description
    This is your personal blog.
    All. What is a personal blog? Guess for yourself. And everyone knows how he can. And as usual, people guess - in the likeness of already encountered "things." In most Internet worlds, P. B. is a place where everyone (in their own) can write whatever they want and no one will judge. And on Habré this is not so - here it’s not difficult to suffer from rights for an entry in P. B., everything is appreciated here . The term is the same, but the meaning differs radically from the usual one.

    The idea is this : at least somehow hint that this post will appear in / new / and will be appreciated by many as just a public record, such as:
    Blog Description
    This is your personal blog. Try to write socially significant things in it because you can be and will be appreciated.
    (It would be nice if it was still spectacularly filed to be noticed, especially when the counter of published posts is zero.)

    It is well known that manuals do not read.
    The first section doesn’t read the reference section (namely, there are hints of an unusual “personality” and only there),
    then they don’t read the description of the blog,
    but everyone reads the self-speaking name of the blog: “personal blog” - that’s what it’s in the head the writer. It is not surprising that many are deceived.

    ~ - ~ - ~ habracut ~ - ~ - ~
    What I suggested is very simple to do - in two minutes. If desired, of course, and Compliance With :-). Thus, a target of average importance of three beats. Well, at least something.

    Even better, in my opinion, would rename this(it’s kind of a flimsy thing for beginners). Although in what ... I don’t know why they were thought by the Creators, but in my opinion it is better to completely remove them, because in my opinion only the best ones that have already shown themselves are worthy of personal horns on a public server. There, and on Dribbler there are no such (blogs). And if you write in "I'm smart," then you will involuntarily think about it. Well, these are general reflections - I do not count on changes in the current Habr in this vein.

    PS Although if the cultivation of the most aged personalities is part of the Habr’s task, then such features only contribute to the development plan. If he is.

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