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I beg you - stop dumping!
Over the past two weeks, three customers, when discussing the estimates, said something like the following: “And they offered me to do the same at, only ten times cheaper ....”

Gentlemen! If you do not respect your work and are ready to work for food - let at least others work! Respect your colleagues. Do not stop them from earning their money and do not crash the web development market with their cheap prices. Otherwise, only 2 types of performers will remain - freelance working for food and large studios working with global brands.

I wish you creative success!

After reading the comment thread, I realized that I had not quite conveyed my thought.
I have not so much a claim to dumping, as it offends me for our freelance. I already described somehow one situation on Habré in comments - I needed to make a copy of a banner from another site. I published a project on and waited. As a result, I agreed with the second or third proposal - something about 10 or 20 dollars per banner. After checking after a while the comments on the project and the freelance mail, I saw very tough trading there, of the format “I’ll do it for 10, I will do it for 5, I will do it for the dollar, for 50 cents, etc.” As a result, they sent me a ready-made banner with a request to transfer how much it is not a pity. Guys! Know your worth. You are building obstacles not only for us (studios and experienced freelancers), but also for yourself.

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