Language layout in the messenger

    Such an idea. Born, again, a long time ago. Well, now I'm finally going to introduce you to it. The idea is quite commonplace.

    The problem is widely known - the keyboard layout, sometimes very angry. For a long time already in wide use there are a bunch of software like the most popular Punto Switcher. However, not everyone uses them, and even these programs themselves periodically anger no less. The principle of work is to change the layout on the go. This is especially important when we type text - it is important that it is saved / sent / processed. Another thing is Instant Messaging. Here we are talking about already sent messages, which we do not have the ability to edit. Imagine that a message was sent in the wrong layout, and since Since this is a quick messaging, almost always the only thing we need is to read the message only once.

    I offer this

    little scheme here: As a result, we get a small plug-in (in my example, a Miranda) that will simply convert characters from “qwerty” to “yutsuken”. Would substantially accelerate messaging.

    ps I myself am not a programmer, I can only scatter ideas.

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