Innovations in Plurk

    In connection with the latest changes, I would like to tell you about new features in our favorite * NHC * plyurk .
    1. Localization.
      The interface is translated into Russian and not only. Of course, the translation is crooked, but we have already sent our fighters to the localization team, and this is enough for the influx of people who were not satisfied with non-Russified plurk.
    2. Search.
      Instead of the unpopular calendar, next to the choice of the timeline mode, an icon is now displayed, when clicked, a search form pops up that allows you to search in three modes: search by plurk in your timeline, search by all plurkas, search for people. Also search is available on this page.
      I must say that some people were unhappy with the disappearance of the calendar (or else! How can necroposty now?) And immediately came up with the Plurk Time Machine script .
    3. The possibility of a ban.
      Now all sorts of trolls and other scoundrels can be banned in their little pic. And that's great.
    4. Answers in enemy plurkas.
      If you suddenly answered in the plurk of a person whom you are not following, then this plurk will not be lost as before, but will be transferred to your timeline.
    5. Many cosmetic improvements .
      I’m unlikely to be able to list everything, I will try the main thing:
      • display of response time;
      • converting a profile link to a display name;
      • underlining the nickname of the author in his plurk;
      • when hovering over karma, a tooltip and a change in karma are shown;
      • arrow next to karma, showing the current change in karma;
      • a tag for a monospace font appeared - `monospace`;
      • widget colors can now be customized.
    6. Browse page.
      Added a filter to the Interesting plurkers page , which allows filtering out plurkers by gender, age, location, language, etc.
    Look like that's it. If not, kick back, get better.
    Oh yes. Panic, alarmist! Now you can’t delete your account, you can only close it for public viewing. :)

    And it is best to register through my profile;) @ stfoo

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