Dear Diary

    Hello my dear habradnevnik. From today I decided to quit writing group habrastaty. Firstly, today I don’t have enough karma for this, and secondly, not looking at the fact that my creativity is hanging on the main page, for some reason my karma is constantly being reduced. I don’t understand why then to push my interesting article to the main habrastranitsa?
    I tried to write about it, to convey to the habrahum people that this should not be done !!! But they seem to just not want to accept abusive language. But this is also Russian, their mother.
    That's why I am writing here.
    I wondered who the trolls were. At first I thought that this was a redneck from the World of warcraft game. Specially downloaded the treal of this game. Thanks, by the way, to my friend iSteepfor helping to register - increase his karma, please, this is a cool IT specialist. It will help when nada. I played for a terrifying troll for which they do not like did not understand. Curved oblique, like all the graphics of World of warcraft. Maybe buy a normal version of the game.
    Yesterday, a habratopik wrote that Russia is on the verge of a crisis and that it is full of cattle, which it’s time to shoot already. Surprisingly, in the comments, all the hara people supported me, and no one raised Karma. Is it really not interesting to anyone that I am writing? And what is going on in our country? An IT specialist must first of all be a patriot, like any normal-minded person. Otherwise, this cattle !!! I think it’s time to dump the foreign land from here for a long time. They like Russian specialists there, not like here. But here it does not even smell patriotism, not that of specialists. A confirmation of this is these clever people who constantly minus my karma. Is it still not understood that I did not just deserve it? I’ll kill the freaks.
    If this continues further, then this will be my last message !!! And I will leave and I WILL NOT MORE WRITE USEFUL AND INTERESTING ARTICLES AT ALL !!!

    Goodbye my dear diary. Until we meet again.

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