Footprints on the pavement

    Footprints on the pavement

    George Orwell lived during the heyday of totalitarianism. His "1984" describes an extreme case of what communism or fascism can become. Total personality control through some analogue of the global information network. "Big Brother is watching you." Horror story for several generations.

    ... Privacy's been dead for years because we can't risk it. The only privacy that's left is the inside of your head. May be that's enough ...
    (... The concept of “private life” has been dead for many years, because we cannot risk it. All the private life that remains is in your head. Maybe that’s enough ...)

    This is from the movie "Enemy of the State." The end of the last century, a story about how in the most (type) democratic state in the literal sense of the word a person is interfered with dirt and in a matter of days everything is taken away. At the same time, using modern communication and computer technologies.

    Howard Reinholds' Smart Crowds, I read about a year ago. A good text describing our present in terms of the impact of mobile technology and telecommunications on the daily life of a person. Bruce “Chairman” Sterling, in his short text Harvey Feldspar's Geoblog extrapolates the situation further and shows what can be expected of us in ten years. The submission is curious (the story goes in the form of blog posts on behalf of a top geoblogger). Technical details can hardly be called revelations, but something else is interesting. By sticking the buttons of our mobile phones and tapping e-mails on the keyboard, we produce information about ourselves. A lot of information. I think no less than Big Brother was getting through the screen of a never-fading TV. Moreover, without explicit intervention in the personal life of a person.

    In fact, what Harling Feldspar’s Geoblog told Sterling is torpedoing the old cyberpunk texts of the 80s, putting an end to the opportunity described in them to win the war between man and the system.

    Cyberpunk hero - lone hacker - a trait that is a thing of the past. The hero of the new time, the upcoming “augmented reality” is first of all the one who knows how not to leave his traces in the information space. A simulacrum, not only sweeping the traces of its operation to crack a corporate server, but also distorting the digital version of its life over the years. An interesting and plainly not yet plowed topic for science fiction is how to go unnoticed in the upcoming virtual space of a new generation ...

    ... in which communications and computers erase not only social and geographical boundaries. They destroy our personal space.

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