Windows XP Discontinued Today

    Since July 1, 2008, almost seven years after the release of Windows XP, Microsoft has officially stopped selling it as a standalone product, as well as deliveries to large PC manufacturers, including Dell, HP and Lenovo. In fact, today the process of official burial of the “obsolete” operating system has started.

    This date was known for a long time, and the topic was repeatedly discussed on Habré. Actually, no revolution has happened today. In fact, a Windows XP license can still be purchased if desired.

    Windows XP will be delivered for a long time through OEM channels as a "budget" solution for super-cheap PCs (until June 30, 2010), as well as through system integrators (until January 31, 2009). At the same time, standard support for already sold systems will be provided until the end of this year, and the so-called "extended" support - until April 2014. In other words, for Windows XP owners, absolutely nothing will change in the near future.

    Although nothing particularly terrible happened today, all of these events are not at all pleasing to the approximately 400 million army of Windows XP users who are facing a new headache: forced computer upgrades and getting used to the new, still “raw” Windows Vista operating system.

    Windows Vista sales are pretty bad. Many users generally say that they will not abandon Windows XP until the next Windows 7 system is released, since Microsoft promises not to delay its development.

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