Mediazone 2.0

    This topic was originally conceived as the second part of this , but then I still thought that deals with resources made only contractors of the provider, and will write separately about the resource.

    What we have: the SFD Internet provider - UTK (for those who have not watched the previous article), and he has a local resource | The media portal of UTK OJSC , from where users of this provider can download WITHOUT speed limits to the speed of an external Internet (up to 512 kbit / s, this is the maximum rate). There was a forum and blogs working on the Invision Power Board. In general, everything was fine, everyone yuzali-posted-talked.

    Somewhere in late January, users were asked to ratenew Mediazone 2.0. Most rated it as "basically like it, let's see what's next." Then it was ...

    / here it is worth mentioning that around the summer general local FTP was closed and access to it remained only for some large blogs. for the rest there was a certain local rapid-exchanger: each user had 100 megabytes and the max size of the downloaded file could not exceed 30 mb. it was fun. /

    And then they closed access to ftp and to all bloggers in general. A local exchanger with a web interface was opened for them (at the same time very crooked and stupid) . Each gigabyte, files of 100 meters. A bit more fun, but bloggers were already starting to boil :)) I also boiled because he conducted more than one blog.

    Since everything led to preparing us for the transition to the blogs of Media Zone 2.0 (which, by the way, are made on Wordpress (MU?) - I do not believe that there was no better system for this), which then (and now) look crooked and absolutely unfriendly - bloggers finally rebelled and decided to go to their resources - albeit external ones, and decided to upload files to this same local exchanger. Most went to one forum (I will not give a link in order to avoid the habraeffect and PR =)), someone made their blog on WP. In general, they dumped from there and used only an exchanger.

    Then probably the admins of MZ 2.0 feeling that there is an outflow of visitors and not everyone is watching their Yandex.Direct advertisement - they began to tighten our screws and ruin our life in every way.

    / digression: it’s not very clear why the administrators of the LOCAL resource hung on the portal (this was also on the Media Zone 1 forum) some non-local things that, by the way, though little by little, ate external traffic. probably another bullying for transplanting all to anlim. /

    Starting from recent and recent events - “1 connection was set to 1 ip.” That is, you download only one file in one stream, but with unlimited speed. However, we are already used to speed baiting. They boasted, but got used to it.

    The freshest and most interesting is that when the admins sensed that no one was visiting their [beep] resource (since the links were posted on other resources) and did not watch ads (such an opinion) - they screwed a nut(worth reading the comments, how much they already got :)). Removed direct links. Now in order to download something - you need to visit the file properties page, click download - then you will get the file. Of course, it was possible to tear out a direct link, but when it comes to an HD movie, for example, which is divided into 80 parts, “hemorrhaging begins”. Moreover, this link is only available for 12 hours, made some kind of rapidshare shorter (by the way, we are waiting for a wild captcha as the next zapadl :)).

    The next day, sensing the anger of the users explained. Thank you, neighing.

    The publication of direct links to third-party resources deprived users of the opportunity to get acquainted with the services of the Mediazone 2.0 portal, which is “home” in the networks of UTK OJSC and is intended primarily for DISEL broadband subscribers.

    Judging by the general mood - their services did not give up to anyone. However, you yourself can climb-evaluate this crooked squalor.

    Actually now it’s worth talking about usability :)

    Go to Blogs . On the left we see some crap - sections.

    Who painted it and came up with TAM to place THIS and eat up so much space on the screen - I do not know. Well, okay, even when you enter any blog, it disappears - it remains in place. You can see for yourself. As a result, for the blog itself, only a third of the screen remains on the screen. And so in any section in general. I am already silent about the fact that under the sections hangs a whole flash banner and poison advertising.

    Why tags from the exchanger are displayed even when I go on the news - is also not very clear.

    Now started to pull up the designof the old forum Media zones under this squalor - made a new design for IPB. Now I am wondering - will the selection of sections on the left and the tags on the right be screwed? : D

    In general, just pent. We were fed up with this constant crushing of a local resource. I understand that many providers do not have local resources at all - this is their problem. We had it, and now it’s dying, but there’s no choice but to transfer to expensive anlim and download from external resources. And I think that the usability of the new local resource (since I count on this blog) tends to zero. I suggest you evaluate.

    ps I don’t have any kind of wild hostility to the administrators themselves, they just do it somehow crookedly. on purpose or not - I don’t know.

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