Toothbrushes. Why they quickly become useless

Небольшое отступление. Я планирую написать серию статей с лайфхаками. Но это не те лайфхаки, к которым все привыкли, типа как разжечь огонь имея лишь пластиковую бутылку или как построить квадрокоптер из двух старых миксеров. В своих статьях я попытаюсь объяснить простые вещи, с которыми мы сталкиваемся регулярно и постараюсь объяснить, как делать их более эффективно, быстро и менее затратно.


When I was little, I often noticed that my parents have toothbrushes very quickly becoming the same as in the picture above. From my such did not happen. And this concerned not only toothbrushes, but all the brushes in the house: for cleaning the carpet (a usual household brush), for cleaning shoes, even for an old broom made from twigs. I did not attach any importance to this, because there are things that are much more interesting than thinking about brushes. Then I just decided that these are bad brushes.

But suddenly my wife’s toothbrush, which they bought 2 weeks ago, attracted my attention. It began to look like a brush, although I bought myself the same brush 2 months ago and it is like new. Now I thought. Throwing back the cause of poor-quality brushes, I immediately understood the main reason.

Why it happens

Almost any brush is designed to clean the surface. But how does she do it? I am an artist so-so, but painted so that it was clear.

That is, you drive bristles over the surface, they will penetrate into the small gaps with their tips and sweep away debris from the surface. Some hard, adhering particles are scraped off due to the fact that many bristles in a short period of time stumble over them and gradually loosen.

But the picture, how to use the brush:

See the difference?

Here the saddest thing is even a toothbrush not spoiled in 2 weeks, but the fact that the quality of tooth brushing is fading away. With the same success, you can rub them with not crumpled exercise book.

How to fix?

It's simple, you just need to press on the brush only slightly. On any brush. You can press hard on a rag, on a sponge, on some other means for cleaning surfaces, but not on brushes.


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