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    • SantaFox ™ content management system will allow you to control the content of your site without having to contact technical specialists and without special technical knowledge. Let your site depend only on your imagination!
    • SantaFox's built-in page editor is visually similar to the familiar Microsoft Word.
    • You no longer depend on schedules and terms of hired technicians. You can make all changes to the site yourself in a mode convenient for you
    • One of the advantageous features of CMS SantaFox ™ is the availability of full Russian-language documentation of the user and developer, which is not often found in free open-source systems.
    • You can get answers to your questions on the Russian-language system support forum
    • SantaFox ™ Content Management System is open source and free.


    • Feedback Allows you to send a message from your site to your mail or I do not use the application with the mail program. The visitor simply fills in the form fields and a letter arrives at your mail.
    • Product catalog / online store. Very flexible module. allows you to form groups of goods with arbitrary characteristics and assemble a catalog from them. Each product can be in an arbitrary number of categories. The internal accounting of orders is maintained by order status. Ideal for creating large and small online stores. The release of the module is planned in the first half of June 2008.
    • Print version Allows you to create a version of a page that is convenient for printing on a printer.
    • News Feed Allows you to publish your news. On the main page, you can make a column with news announcements, and write the full news in your section. Convenient and effective.
    • Subscribing to news gives your visitors the opportunity to be constantly up to date with your affairs. You have a convenient admin for managing news. The release of the module is planned for June 2008.
    • Photo Gallery Post your photos, group them into albums. Let site visitors see your work! The release of the module is planned for July 2008 .
    • Collection of music albums. Especially for music groups. You can lay out your tracks and lyrics to each. The release of the module is planned for July 2008.
    • Forum Not overloaded with related things. Ideally meets the tasks set for it: communication of site visitors with each other. The release of the module is planned for August 2008.
    • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Visitors to your site may ask you a question. You can answer it and place in the appropriate section. The release of the module is planned for June 2008.
    • Jobs If you have several Jobs open all the time, it is better to use this module to uniformly introduce them to a potential job seeker. The release of the module is planned for June 2008.
    • Personnel Company employee card. The convenient administrator interface will allow you to easily and effortlessly introduce visitors to your site to employees of your company. The release of the module is planned for June 2008.


    For SantaFox ™ content management system to work, your hosting must meet the minimum requirements:
    • Apache
    • MySQL 4
    • PHP 5.2


    • Simplified integration of templates The template puts labels into which then the actions of the modules are displayed. Conveniently enough, and coders working with CMS found this method very convenient.
    • Backup System Allows you to be sure that your data is always safe. You can backup only site code, data files, databases, or all at once. In case of problems, the previous version of the site is “rolled back” with one click of the mouse.
    • Ease of development If you are developing a site on a local machine, you often need to transfer content and databases to a remote server. In SantaFox ™ you do not need to go to FTP to upload files for this, then go to phpMyadmin to first make a sql-dump of the tables and then upload them to the remote server.
      You simply save the databases / content / code in the admin panel of the local copy of the site, then upload this archive to the website on the network and restore it from the archive copy. All!
    • System updates Your site will be guaranteed to work on the latest versions of software modules. The project is developing intensively. We constantly carry out various updates of the kernel and modules. The built-in update system will allow you to update its code from the administrative interface of the site.
    • Built-in statistics system Allows you to find out all about your visitors. And for this you do not need to overload the site with the buttons of statistics systems. Moreover, with any contact from the site (feedback form or order in the store), it is possible to add information about the person who ordered the order. By what request did it come, from, etc.
    • Protecting your e-mail from spambots All e-mail addresses that are displayed on the site are automatically encrypted in the page code so that the spam bot could not collect them. Thus, only the visitor to the site sees the mail address, and you get rid of the need to come up with clever substitutes for mail addresses like info [dog]


    • The main cp1251 encoding with all the ensuing minuses
    • No demo site

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