Beginner Plurker Notes

    Plurk. Plark. Plush. Bun. For two days of my stay and ~ 80 newcomers to staying here, the site name was distorted
    beyond recognition.

    It is impossible not to mention that the majority of Russian-speaking visitors “dabbled” thanks to IS and directly to HabrHabr,
    which causes pride in the domestic auto industry :) An

    article on the microblogging in a new way has already been devoted to this wonderful service. The purpose of my topic is to
    immerse you a little more in the atmosphere of Plurk.

    Attention! Reading this topic (and even more so following it on ) is dangerous for your
    free time!

    In the end, it's still the same good old microblog.

    He is needed in order to express any thoughts, experiences, ideas that everyone will vigorously discuss and immediately switch
    to someone else's new thought.
    By the way, did everyone notice the animal in the background? Meet me, it is installed on my timeline, and has already received an
    unflattering nickname among visitors, as well as two other creatures available to the user with minimal karma. More advanced
    animals can be chosen if karma is> 25.

    The “torn” animal in half the dashed line is nothing more than a time stamp on the timeline, and it got into the frame
    absolutely by accident :)

    Lord, why did you all so jump at the word “karma”? Oh yes, I dare to assure you, Plurk karma is just a pulse
    your activity. The more friends, the more “fans” (non-reciprocal friends), the more activity on the site - the higher karma.
    The mechanism, of course, is not disclosed, all this is just speculation.

    To monitor your karma, you can add “karma_trends” to friends and then check this
    page from time to time :

    You can view simple statistics of your stay on Plurk at the bottom of the page. This part of the panel looks like this:

    Karma is updated 3 times a day, and usually its updating is accompanied by a dozen posts “Karma has been updated!”,
    “KARMAAPDEYT!”, “And now I have N karma”, etc.

    The ideology of Plurk is to always be “on the wave”. With an average number of friends, new “Responses” appear about once every 10
    seconds, new “plurki” - once a minute.

    Useful advice:
    If you (God forbid), lay down to sleep or left for lunch, there will be so many new messages that there will be neither
    strength nor desire to read them all .
    In this case, the “Mark all as read” button will come to the rescue. Just do not forget to read the comments on your
    topics first, otherwise they will sink into oblivion.

    You can reinforce your thoughts with photos, images or videos from YouTube. No special tags are needed for this,
    just copy and paste the YouTube link or picture into your plurk.


    If you click on the empty space to the right of the photo, the entire topic opens. If you click on the photo, a
    photo of a cute girl will open in a convenient AJAX window .

    There are interesting topics for discussion, discusses the latest Runet, startups, just social networks.

    Notice the number "30" to the right of Plurk? This means that it has 30 comments. If the number is red, then there are new
    comments. When opening the plurk, you will automatically be scrolled to the last unread comment.

    As in any social network, from time to time it can be profitable:

    Or simply gently ask for advice:

    Express dissatisfaction and just discuss topical news:

    But here is how the Plyurkites themselves think about Plurka:

    The biggest minus of Plurk is its addictiveness. He is very addictive.

    But what advice was given to me when writing the article :) I

    warn you.

    Useful links: is an unofficial guide to Plurk.

    PS. Do not forget to include Plurk allowed site in Adblock!
    For some reason, it cuts out half the interface!

    Thanks for attention.

    *** EDIT ***

    @Wertuozzz noted that in addition to clique, a message can be sent to several users like this:

    plurk privacy & options-> only: -> "Here, enter nicknames separated by commas, and a space, without quotes." For example: "gag, aga"

    ognevsky asked to add a meme that he himself created: * NHC *, it is written in asterisks and is decoded in the
    comments below :)

    06.06.08 The first Russian-speaking Plurk communities appeared!
    Add to friends we like: Community of Russian-speaking communities - Community of Russian web developers. Welcome! - Muscovites - Census of the Russian-speaking community.

    And here you can add me as friends: :)

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