Mac users are the most greedy

    According to a poll conducted by the Cognitive Daily blog (a member of the ScienceBlogs network of scientific blogs ), mac users were the most greedy - less than all, compared to users of other platforms, mac users are inclined to allow friends and comrades to “twist” their new gadget.

    In a user survey, they didn’t ask “Do you press?” On the forehead. The question was: “If you have a new gadget (mobile phone, iPod, etc.), how long will you let others use it?” In addition, this question was disguised among a dozen other points, for example, "how do you feel about new technologies?" Questions were also planned to clarify the degree of organization of the respondents, asking how many items are usually on the desktop or files on the desktop of your computer. Survey result on a chart:

    Blog host Dave Munger noted that there is a serious and statistically significant difference in how long Mac and PC users allow friends to play with their electronic toys.

    I sincerely believe that everything is different with us :)

    via the Macovod Blog

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