How developers drink coffee

    Tonight I returned from Moscow, where I attended three conferences at once - SQA, PM Days and PHPconf. A lot of interesting reports were made at the conference, which they will probably write about more than once, but I want to share some funny observations.
    In between reports, all those present could go to the lobby, where delicious buns, milk, tea and coffee awaited them. For the latter, five thermoses were installed on the tables. Of course, for more than two hundred conference participants, there was clearly not enough of them, and at each conference this problem was solved in their own way, as they could.

    On the first day, testers drank coffee

    The participants applied the technology of load testing, dropping the crowd on coffee buns and periodically informing the waiters about the fall of thermoses.

    On the second day, project managers drank coffee

    The comrades showed tremendous organization, lining up in a long line to only one of the five thermoses, demonstrating an unbending intention to adhere to the coffee spill plan. The remaining thermoses were used by programmers who did not know anything about the plan.

    And finally, on the third day, developers appeared

    At first, as testers, programmers piled on all available thermoses, but very quickly applied a scheme with a load balancer, while outsourcing the production of cookies to their comrades. With this, they once again proved the undoubted effectiveness of the agile methodology.
    On another story in which testers, managers and programmers took turns building the same aircraft, possibly next time :)

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