Good time of day!

    It would be interesting to know the opinion of industry professionals, where and how is it best to get basic knowledge to successfully promote yourself as a specialist in the field of Internet technologies, which an experienced coder, designer, project manager can advise who wants to devote himself to this difficult, non-standardized and rapidly developing field as the Internet.
    It is clear that due to the lack of clear standards and means, a direct study of this direction converges mainly on self-study. But all the same, there may be universities, faculties, specialties that are closest to this topic and allow people to avoid the well-known rake and fill in the gaps in the necessary knowledge.
    Perhaps someone with a kind word will remember his university, and someone on the contrary will say that it was wasted 5-6 years and had to break yourself and learn again.
    Any opinion and any experience is interesting.

    PS 1.1 The
    question is asked that a person wants to change his sphere of activity in life precisely on online technology, but self-education is not his topic one hundred percent. I can name two reasons at once:
    1) Self-training is difficult to organize. At that time, when education provides structured, clear knowledge, or at least methods for extracting them, you do not need to collect information by bastard and structure it yourself.
    2) During training, let’s say, even as an evening party, you get into a community of real people and gain real social connections, not of doubtful anonymous representatives of the Internet communities, but of those people who consciously chose a direction and maybe these are future partners, colleagues, etc. I am against steaming in my own juice even if there is access to such social services. networks like a hub, where they can’t even objectively talk about IT education, but only grumble about the fact that it is best to sit at night after work and read the Internet and PCP for dummies.

    Threat 1.2
    I will also add that I’m not sitting idle at the moment, I’m reading the theory, there is practice, but still, priority is given to studying in a specially designated institution. Just for the sake of example: you start reading about one thing, another is aimed, which accordingly opens up a whole layer, without which it is difficult to move on. Of course, this can be mastered independently, but I think if someone competently explains and builds connections between objects (for example, databases + programming language + server + browser + .......) it will be faster and better, we are all the same social animals.

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