Crazy producer allowed internet users to wake the monster: Cloverfield, part 2

    This article focuses on the popular Cloverfield film and the game that made up the bulk of the film’s PR campaign. The film premiered on January 18, 2008, and the game began in May 2007. Over the past 9 months, quite a few events have occurred that help to better understand the film. The first part of the article (which I highly recommend reading to all the uninitiated) was written by Matt_uza .

    Okay, for starters, a small preamble, a copyright statement and all that. I waited a long time for the continuation of the first part and even tried to contact its author in ICQ, but I did not wait for an answer. Therefore, I decided to write a sequel myself. With the author of the main Russian-language sources theosI talked and I think that he will not be against such work.
    Then I declare that most of the materials are taken from and my task was to choose the most interesting and present to you.

    So, Cloverfield is a sensational film from the already iconic producer J.J. Abrams (also known to us from the Lost series ). The film became famous not only for its peculiar filming and for an unusual monster, but also for its huge ARG , which continues to this day - already 4 months after the premiere of the film.
    Summary of previous series:
    • Untitled movie advertisement in front of Transformers. Found sites and
    • Found blogs of the main characters, in which they have a very real correspondence and comment on each other
    • A site was found , which contains video clips of the girl’s message to her boyfriend, who left, but “promised to return” (c) =)
    • The site of the Japanese company Tagruato , which is the producer of Slusho!

    Company Tagruato was very big concern, kotoyry deals not only with production Slusho! , but also the production of paraffin wax, scientific research, and genetic experiments on organisms living on the bottom of the sea. On the site you can see a map with the marked on it seabed drilling stations (mainly for oil production), named after the Japanese emperors. The newest, fourteenth Chuai station is due to open in September 2007 and is closest to New York.
    A research leader says at a press conference that Tagruato is currentlypossesses the latest technologies that allow you to work deep under water and in unprecedented cold, which enables the company to conduct the latest research and mining of various minerals.

    The 4th of October. Meanwhile, on the website (password: jllovesth), Jamie posted another video , in which it turns out that Teddy sent her a gift, but very strictly demanded that she not open him until December 9th. Despite his curiosity, Jamie promises to tolerate.

    October 18th. The following video was not long in coming:
    At a party, Jamie stumbled upon Teddy's ex-girlfriend, who began to threaten to tell him how Jamie frolic with the boys on the dance floor, which, according to Jamie, was 100% untrue. “I hope you trust me. In terms of, you know ... I'm walking with my friends here, and you save the world there, follow your dream, but you left me here. I’m lonely, and I went with my girlfriends ... nothing like that . " At night, she sowed her phone, keys and wallet, and wrote him a message as soon as she got a new phone today. She also compares their pair with a pair: Lily and Jason. She doesn’t want to swear just like them (which they constantly did last night). During the conversation, one of the pillows falls and it is visible underneath that someone is sleeping there. Jamie says she doesn't even really know who it is: most likely, Marlene's cousin.

    November 12th. For almost a month, you have to wait for the next video: Jamie shows a kind of mini-striptease and complains that Teddy has disappeared and has not been letting know for 2 days. She looks upset.

    November 16th. Finally, the final title of the film is confirmed: Cloverfield

    November 22. The news for investors section appears on There is an open letter from the board of Slusho! to investors with the assurance that a certain article published by the Ravelli Research Center is slander and has nothing to do with reality: “ Marine Nectarthere is nowhere other than our factories. ” A search for a combination of words by the Ravell Research Center leads to the well-known scientific discussion site, where someone 5Pancakes (5 Pancakes) asks if you can believe the article of this center (poorly and not completely scanned article is attached to the message), which speaks about the strange effect of Slusho! on those who drink it. The author is worried about two of his children who drink this drink every day.
    The article says that due to the fact that Slusho! going to distribute its drink in the United States, the center conducted a study of nectar, as one of the ingredients. Due to the strange reaction of the drink to standard research methods, the actual composition of the drink could only be calculated approximately.
    Of the ingredients that the studies were able to detect, none is hazardous to health, but the question arose about the secret Sea Nectar , on the basis of which the advertising company of the drink is built and which, as the advertisement says, has unusual tonic properties.
    Having not received the necessary response from the organization, the Ravell Research Center somehow managed to get a small sample of Marine Nectar .
    The report further states that a small dose of Nectarbriefly caused accelerated cell growth, increased strength, accelerated soft muscle tissue growth, improved vision, digestion, improved skin condition, and a pleasant sensation throughout the body, which one of the researchers described as "a wave of real happiness." However, the report will further describe other effects of this ingredient. The description begins with the notorious and documented case of an 84-year-old woman who drank 12 large glasses of Slusho! and ... (the scanned page ends here).

    November 24th. Website hack! Its name changes to "Tagruato destroys our oceans!" . There is only one picture on the site - a corrected photo from the previous site of the company’s founder Ghana Yoshidstanding by the window. Devil horns were painted on him, and a huge wave was drawn outside the window, destroying the city and the four sea inhabitants.

    On the wave and on the sea inhabitants, if you zoom in and take a closer look (the original picture is here: ), you can find hidden Roman numbers, and on the sea inhabitants - also words defining the biological species of this creature.
    I. Tanner (on the crab)
    II. Irukandji (in jellyfish)
    III. Dumbo (on an octopus)
    IV. Ogre (on fish)
    V. Wave

    on November 27. In “Investor News” on, news appears that Tagruato, with the help of its subsidiaryBold Futura launched its own satellite, Hatsui . At first they wanted to postpone the launch due to weather conditions (heavy rain and thunderstorm), but Ghana Yoshida forbade it to be done, and after 5 minutes the launch took place without any incidents. When asked Yoshid why he did not allow the launch to be postponed, he replied: “Because here at Tagruato we do not allow the thunderstorm to stand in the way of our goals. In this case, the goal was to reach the stars. " Ghana did not specify anything about the stars, noting only: "It will be something big . "

    November 30th.With the ordered clothes from the site (where warm jumpers are now also sold), not only newspaper fragments now come. In some parcels, a torn Tagruato internal document with the stamp "Top Secret" is found - the document is collected in parts. The document in Japanese says that in connection with a certain incident, all outgoing letters will be checked within a few days. Likewise, Level 1 workers must remain where they are now until further notice without exception. (Partially, there is no text on the breaks, which makes the meaning very inaccurate)
    On the back of the torn document is an inscription by hand: “American! Chuai Station keeps a terrible secret. Good people disappear. Wait for the connection. (Signed) Whistling the whistle . "
    About the stationChuai (the closest to New York) still says on the newly restored website that it will open in September 2007, although it is already November.

    December 2nd. The mystery of hacking has finally been unraveled. Putting the first letters of the names of sea creatures in Roman numeral order and adding the words Wave to them, they found .
    This is the site of Les Guerriers de Mère-Terre, an environmental activist group founded by Le Bandit Vert (Green Bandit). The group opposes Tagruato, calling to stop its activities, which interfere with the ecosystems of the ocean and destroy them with their stations. The site presents many unpleasant facts about the suspicious business activities of the company (including those with a criminal bias) and what damage it caused to the environment by the construction of drilling stations. The facts are presented in a rather aggressive and sometimes too radical manner.
    There's also news of the funeral of Kazuya Ichigawa, a marine biologist who unexpectedly retired a few days ago after working for Yoshida Medical Research (a medical subsidiary of Tagruato), which, it turned out, was found dead in the Daisetsu-San National Park in the area of ​​the popular camping site. . Together with him, the family died: wife, daughter and granddaughter. According to police, the cause was a gas explosion in their trailer. His friend and colleague, wishing to remain anonymous, said that he most likely made some extraordinary discovery before retiring. But his computer and all the documents stored in his house were gone, and Tagruato is now looking for them.

    December 4thUpdates on the blogs of the main characters. Rob, who has tried to invite Bate to date on comments before, seems to crash. She finds excuses.

    December 10th. As we recall, on December 9th, Jamie can already open a gift to Teddy.
    Video 5:
    Teddy still hasn't contacted Jamie - it's been a month since. She annoyed opens the box in front of the camera. In the box: cap with the Slusho logo! ( “Thank you for the cap. But you know, they usually give jewelry” ), a package of something with the inscription “The main evidence. Immediately freeze! Jamie, don’t eat it ” - most likely, Marine Nectar and the cassette in the player.
    On it, Teddy says this message is not a joke. If Jamie hears this before they talk, then Tagruato has kidnapped him . TAG-RU-A-TO . He asks the girl not to call the authorities (this will ruin everything), but calmly wait for a call from someone Randy. They are currently at the station of this company, and there they either found something, or are doing something ... but most importantly - he will not call her again. She must wait for a call from Randy. He will explain ... (at this point, Jamie turns off the cassette).
    Jamie is angry and believes that he is so kidding and just does not want to say that he has another.
    If you look at in the RSS Feed, you can see that the last two news were published by randy, apparently mentioned on the tape, which means that Teddy most likely worked forTIDOWave . The site also updates the news. The group was preparing a kind of "event", but it was postponed to December 14. Randy is the contact person for this.

    December 18th. People wrote in Tagruato e-mails, receive a letter from their official e-mail, signed but whistling whistle . Letter - pseunomoisuf.pdf file. This is an internal Japanese Tagruato document scanned together with an English handwritten inscription in the same handwriting of the Whistle in the Whistle: “Americans! No oil here! And they knew before they built! ” In the document itself, revenue data from drilling stations other than Chuai.
    A new post appears on
    "I do not know what to say. I was told to write here. I have not done this before.
    Uh ... everything is not going as planned. There were problems with the "event". Please let me know if you have information about Randy or others. I'm here alone now. Reinforcement is very necessary

    December 19th. Rob is tired of trying to get Bet's location, and he writes in his diary that he is going to move and find himself an interesting job. Each of the heroes comments in his own way.

    December 26th. Video 6:
    Jamie is evil and full of sarcasm. She's going to call Tag-ga-gato. Her friend’s boyfriend found her company number for her. And she calls to find out who actually abducted Teddy. She asks someone who speaks “American” on the phone and explains that she is looking for Teddy Hanssen. It is redirected to another number. After she repeats who she is looking for, she is asked her name. She answers Jamie Lazcano. He answers the following question: "I am calling from America . " And then: “I won’t tell you my address . He hangs up and, turning to the camera, says: “Surprise, they never heard of you. Guess what? This is my last video to you. Enough with me .
    Suddenly a phone rings.
    "Hello? .. I don’t speak ... what are you there ..."
    She hangs up and sarcastically thanks Teddy for calling her now.

    December 29th.
    Beth -> Rob: Hey Rob. Good luck today at the interview! I'm sure they will like you.

    The Whistle Whistle sends out parts of users who once wrote letters to the Tagruato Corporation email with an attached file. Each received one of these two screenshots:

    1) Judging by the piece of desktop with the Tagruato logo , the screenshots were taken on their computer.
    2) Date 12.18.2007 - just on that day, a message appeared on the website that something unexpected happened in the “event” and everything went wrong as planned.

    January 1, 2008. Update on
    As many of you know, we returned from our trip late last night. There are more rumors now than I would like, so I want to clarify what is happening before we all go crazy.
    Yes, we had the correct coordinates. There is no chance that we were in the wrong place. But there was simply nothing there. No debris, no clues, nothing. Just the ocean. And the calls to our comrades in response were only interference.
    This does not mean that we give up - exactly the opposite. Something happened there. Something too big that even Tagruato with his money will not be able to hush. People will want to know what happened to that station.
    And we will find out.

    January 2. New video on
    Jamie got drunk and left a new message for Teddy.
    OK OK. I understood everything.
    You are a sediment, but I am the best!
    And whoever your ugly, whore, ugly
    ( ugly )
    girlfriend with whom you are there is probably a cow from the farm.
    Scary prostitute. Unsympathetic. She is ugliness herself, sure.
    Zadolbalo. I won’t cry for you.
    And guess who the moron is here? Any ideas? Does anyone have it?

    4 January. website update:
    There was a skirmish at Chuai Station. Although details have not been disclosed to date, rest assured that Tagruato is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of staff and crew. A team of professionals was sent to the place, who work hard to restore harmony there.
    An investigation into the causes of the problem is ongoing, although there are already suspicions that the eco-terrorist group is responsible for the riots.
    High-class investigators are on our side. Everything will be resolved soon, and all problems will be eliminated. If you have questions, please contact us by phone + 81-3-5403-6318 for further instructions.

    We already know what a hassle happened there, but more on that later.
    There is also added news about the successful and promising work of the Hatsui satellite , which is currently being used as an assistant in the search for a part of the Japanese satellite ChimpanzIII, which allegedly fell from orbit last week into the Atlantic Ocean.

    5 January. Update on
    DO NOT RETURN to the Farm (obviously - theos headquarters). She's teeming with agents bought by Tagruato.
    We were framed !!! All our members know that our goals and motives are to save Mother Earth - and NOT to mass kill !!! We admit that we are not upset that Tagruato now has one less “death station”, but we would NEVER kill to achieve our goals. This is another crime against humanity that Tagruato is trying to shove off the innocent.
    Be sure: we will not stop until we find our missing brothers and sisters. We will not stop hoping.
    Wait for the illustration from Janice. From it you will find out where to meet us. Tagruato cheating this time will not go unpunished. Something happened with our comrades - and that station - and we will find out - even if we have to get to the very top !!!

    6th . Rob has updated his blog - he is leaving to work in Japan for the company producing the Slusho! Drink . Here is the explanation of everything the film starts with :)

    January 7th. German, Italian, and Spanish TV reports appear on YouTube with footage of Chuai Station crash. And on January 8, translations of shocking reports appeared, as well as an interview with the mother of the missing crew member in the NEW French report. A little later, three more reports appeared: Japanese, American and already well-known to many Russian:
    Pay attention to the left red column of the platform during the crash in all the videos. Many claim that they noticed a tentacle there, which pulls the platform down. Also during the filming of the boat, pay attention to the sound, similar to the already familiar roar of a monster.
    It is worth noting that in each report, information is provided in small fragments, which in general allows us to find out the following:
    1. Spanish report
    From this video we learn that the modern design of the platform is such that under the worst conditions it would stay on the surface for up to 24 hours. But it is clearly visible that it is sinking in a matter of minutes. Seismographs of the Spanish city of Ribadeo recorded large amplitude fluctuations during the disaster.
    2. German reporting
    The station was designed by Zwichau Engineering in Leipzig under the supervision of a graduate engineer, Dominic Mölten.
    3. Italian reporting
    About the same information as in previous reporting.
    4. French reporting
    Families of the station workers know little about their well-being. The source of the filming is unknown.
    5. Japanese reporting
    Lost contact with oil tanker on the link between Norway and New York. The official list of seven missing: Hideaki Sakamoto, Gerhard Ploecker, Tsuneo Matsuhara, Dr. Paul Nightingale, Donald Carter, Francois Nouvelle, Andy Young-Mun.
    6. Russian reporting
    The first direct mention of a possible shootout.
    7. American reporting
    Clear shots of water shots from the tower. A dark spot under the surface of the water is mistaken for an oil leak (although the Whistle whistle has already told us that there is actually no oil there).

    A Tagruato spokesperson said that there were no casualties and that the families of the missing were notified. He also says that the situation is rather complicated and that TIDOwave were spotted at the scene.
    The following refers to an oil tanker, the connection with which was lost on the way from Norway to New York (or vice versa). A tanker appeared burning off the coast of New York in a television commercial for the film.
    In this report, the English press release of Tagruato is clearly shown on the screen with the following text:

    January 2, 2008
    In a news report transmitted earlier today, January 2, 2008, for the TAGRUATO CORPORATION, the name of one of the missing lead - Francois Nouvelle (Francois Nouvel), not Francoise Nouvelle (Francoise Nouvel), as previously reported. The correct and complete message is as follows:
    CHUAI DRILLING STATION - TAGRUATO CORPORATION reports that a serious incident occurred at one of the deepwater drilling stations, CHUAI DRILLING STATION, located on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
    A comprehensive internal investigation is underway, but details were not disclosed.
    TAGRUATO CORPORATION confirms that the incident occurred between December 26 and 27, 2007. There is no information about the victims, but TAGRUATO CORPORATION is forced to report that several TAGRUATO employees and independent contractors who were at the CHUAI DRILLING STATION during the incident were missing. Confirmed to have disappeared: Hideaki Sakamoto, Gerhard Ploecker, Tsuneo Matsuhara, Dr. Paul Nightingale, Donald Carter, Francois Nouvelle, Andy Young-Mun. Search operations are carried out, and all efforts are put in order to identify and find the missing people.
    There is information that several more people could be missing, but it is not confirmed at the moment. At the moment, reports are circulating about the alleged filming with shots of the complete destruction of the CHUAI DRILLING STATION. TAGRUATO CORPORATION did not see these frames and cannot comment on them. However, TAGRUATO CORPORATION can confirm the presence of members of the TIDO Wave activist group in the vicinity of CHUAI DRILLING STATION. TIDOWave is a secret group of extremists who deliberately inflicted damage on TAGROU CORPORATIONS in the past, and several of whose members are currently imprisoned.

    Well, apparently, these reports are the first documented evidence of the appearance of our Monster. About how events will develop further - in the next issue.
    Short announcement:
    • Jamie opens Teddy's present and tries a piece ... What will happen to her?
    • Marine Nectar approved for distribution in the USA
    • New photos at
    • Multiple updates on TIDOwave and Tagruato sites
    • Ghana Yoshida - Tagruato CEO travels to New York
    • Cloverfield based manga announcement - clues or new questions?

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