Re-invented manuscript for iPhone

    During the first presentation of the iPhone to the general public, the head of Apple simply zombified us with the sacred mantra: "We want to reinvent the phone", which roughly means: "We want to reinvent the telephone bike ." And in many ways, Apple, which was recently called the most innovative company of the year on the Blue Planet, really managed to create a unique product. And watching what is happening around the iPhone, you understand that the process of "reinvention" is still not over. forum members foundthe existence of a small utility HWPen, which allows you to recognize handwritten text entered by the user directly on the iPhone screen - even with your finger, even with a stylus. HWPen is in beta testing and is still able to recognize the letters of the Latin alphabet by finger movements, as well as Chinese characters, for which HWPen was originally developed.

    In absolute terms, support for Latin and Chinese handwriting means support for both most users and most languages ​​on the planet. This is an undeniably serious argument in favor of the iPhone for users who need handwriting, such as Palm communicators, like air.

    Let's hope that in the final version of HWPen, typing with your finger on the iPhone’s touchscreen will be as convenient as working with the on-screen keyboard offered by Apple in the “newly invented phone”. It should also be noted that to install HWPen, the iPhone must be unlocked accordingly.

    via Macowod Blog

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