Business Plan - General Description of the Project

    I have already begun work on a business plan. I want to add that the business plan will have only an internal goal, i.e. I write it exclusively for myself and the people who will work with me on the creation of the project.

    The goal of the project is the opening of an online laptop store.

    Project concept - the online laptop store specializes in selling laptops (in the middle and high price segments) and software. The store will deliver goods, pack in gift paper, install specialized software.

    The main characteristics of the project :
    • Organization of an online laptop store from scratch;
    • The average margin will be ***%;
    • The amount of investment in the project is *** dollars;
    • Project payback *** years .;
    • The project’s net profit is $ ***.

    The numbers closed by three asterisks are not yet known and will be calculated after calculating the economic indicators.

    Market attractiveness :
    More than half of Internet users have a positive attitude to online shopping. 98% of users are aware of the possibility of making purchases over the Internet, but 50% consider this to be “risky." The main selection criterion is the quality of the product.
    According to “E-commerce in Central and Eastern Europe: Ukraine is a free version of the report”

    In 2007, the market grew by approximately 87.2% in quantitative terms and amounted to 432.6 mln. US dollars, compared to 2006 For 2008 the forecast for market growth is 45% in quantitative terms and by 38.6% in monetary terms.

    Here is the actual description of the first paragraph. After calculating economic indicators, this section of the business plan will become more clear and significant.

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