Extreme luck of German travel designers


    We received some time ago a letter starting with these lines: we are two young german designers on a trip around the world. Our project is called " designwalz " ( apparently the name for the miracle in the picture ).

    I translated the letter ( thanks to Google and school ) and entered into correspondence.

    Here is the actual test letter.


    We are two young German designers traveling around the world. Our project is called “designwalz” (the name I have not translated). For 6 months, we would like to stay in various cities and visit studios and agencies whose activities are related to design and advertising, cinema and animation. We strive to satisfy our passion for learning design art and expand our skills. We discovered your site, and we would be very interested to meet with you.

    To get a visual impression of our project, us and our skills, please
    visit our website www.designwalz.de . If you want to know any additional information, please feel free to
    ask us 24 hours 7 days a week!

    It would be very nice if you let us knock on your door and spend some time with you.

    Catherine and Johannes.

    We were not opposed and immediately wrote the guys an answer. Three or four days later, young Germans were sitting in our kitchen and drinking green tea with us, accidentally mixed with black coffee!

    Catherine and Johannes just recently graduated from one of the German Universities, and as I understand it, now they have a bit of advanced practice. The guys went on a trip around the world, stop in major cities and go to visit designers, animators, artists, photographers, all the creative people they manage to find and who answer their requests.

    Based on the results of the meetings, the Germans leave entries on their blog on the project website. Unfortunately, my flash player completely refuses to work with their blog. If someone helps solve this problem, I will be extremely grateful.

    At the same time, based on the information that I can read on the project’s website, the Germans have already visited New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Seattle, Hawaii Fiji, Wellington, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur. In addition to Moscow, the guys plan to visit St. Petersburg in Russia ( they probably already visited, today they were supposed to leave for Europe ).

    We talked for about five hours. The guys were extremely friendly and very sociable. We talked about design in Russia and in the World, talked about web design and animation, about freelancers and taxes (it was very interesting to know how this is happening in Germany ), even the ratings of the studios were discussed ( now it seems to me to be a bad form ... ).

    Why am I telling you all this ... LIKE THE SAME PEOPLE WITH SPONSORS!

    UPD By the way, in Moscow, Catherine and Johannes were only in two web studios, in Def and ours!

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