Leave to live in the village

    I have a dream. Leave the city (I live in Dnepropetrovsk) in the village for permanent residence. I’m probably already bewildered by all the friends of this topic, although there are comrades who share this idea ;)I decided to share it with the Internet community, and possibly find like-minded people. I will be glad to criticism, suggestions, advice.

    What does not suit the city

    • ecology. Dnepropetrovsk is an environmental disaster zone
    • life in a concrete box. We pay a loan for a one-room apartment a lot of money, I will not take a two-room apartment at current prices under the risk of an electric chair.
    • garbage on the streets and in the entrance. I will clean up my own area.
    • the absence of those small pleasures which, it seems to me, are more accessible in a private house and in the countryside. About them further.

    Downshifting is an important component

    In general, leaving the village is not even a primary goal. Probably the most important thing is to enjoy life. I plan to work 4 hours a day, maybe less. And maybe more if there is a desire. I made a choice not in favor of a career. He was a co-founder and technical director of an IT company, which employed up to 10 people. Not bad, I think, earned. But this work was not a joy to me, very nervous, a lot of responsibility. I realized that this is “not mine." Now I’m working on the same company as a simple programmer. I work at home, and still not have enough freedom. I go out onto the balcony, look at the good weather, but I can’t go for a walk - work and customers do not let go. I’m preparing the basis for a complete transition to freelance, and I hope to become a free man in the next month;)

    Place requirements

    • the place should be clean, so far I think about the Poltava region
    • near the river
    • near a small town or district center (school, hospital, shopping)
    • some kind of enterprise must function in the village so that residents have a job. In this case, the likelihood of total drunkenness of residents, and a higher standard of living. Those. I do not have a village should not be “clogged” and depressed.
    • the presence of a school is very desirable (the child is growing up). But in principle, I agree to carry it to the city by car (there is no car yet;)


    • telework. I am a programmer, there is a remote experience. If you work 4 hours a day, 10 $ / hour (this is real), for 20 days a month you get $ 800. I think that's enough for life. My friends have been living in a village near Kiev for several years, my husband, wife and two children - I asked, they say, $ 500 is enough. Not that they are indigenous rural residents - the husband works in Kiev, the wife also lived in Kiev before. And they have more income, but repay the debt and therefore have calculated for themselves the amount sufficient for living.
    • I’m working on a permanent source of income that will bring money almost without my participation
    • there is hardly a job for a wife on the spot. But if she wants, she can also work remotely. An HTML layout designer, for example, or a content manager.
    • renting an apartment. A couple of hundred bucks on the road is not lying.

    the Internet

    • I won’t give exact prices, but renting a satellite dish that works both ways costs around $ 100 a month. Buy, it turns out more expensive, something about 1-2 kilobaks. This is just a price order.
    • possibly mobile internet (peoplenet, mtc,?). Not the fact that there will be coverage
    • plain plate + GPRS
    • ordinary phone, maybe there will be such a ball ;)
    • advise your option

    An economy?

    Many, as they hear about the village, say: “Why do you need it, you will live in the mud, pigs, manure and all that.”
    I explain. I am not going to become a farmer in the near future, cultivate hectares of land and plant a bunch of pigs and cows. There is simply no such desire. There are simpler options:

    • chickens. Do not require special care. Fresh meat and eggs.
    • ducks (if there is a pond or river). Knowledgeable people say there are few problems with ducks either.
    • goats, maybe. One or two, and probably not in the first year. Meat and milk, fewer problems than with a cow.
    • meat, lard and milk can be bought from fellow villagers. Anyway, dealers in villages buy products and sell them in the city.
    • Agriculture. Garden, garden. I’ll do it because I just like it. As a child, I worked in the parent garden, so I have an idea. But then again, without fanaticism. There is no desire to bend your back all summer, weeding 6 hundred parts of potatoes. ;)But to plant a hundred parts of potatoes and have a fresh one constantly from the garden is a yes. Tomatoes, cucumbers and all that. In general, I will do for myself. Like the Roman emperor (Diocletian?) Who boasted of grown cabbage;)


    • cleaner and more environmentally friendly than in the city
    • in the summer from your garden
    • trips to the city for shopping. Once in one to 2 weeks by car. Is quite real.
    • rural store. The choice is small, but you will not die of hunger.
    • buy meat / milk from fellow villagers
    • your chickens / ducks (?)


    • drunkenness in the village. The village must be chosen so that there is work for residents
    • drug addicts. Here, in Dnepropetrovsk, if you go down the stairs, you can count three bulbulators at once. Generally, the problem is of course. But in the city, too, no one is protected from this or insured. We will bring up the child. We’ll buy a gun and get a wolfhound to protect the territory;)
    • assimilation. Ours and the child. Still, we are not rural people, and in the village the people are different, I think so. Although I hope that there are more good people than bad people;)
    • household chores. There may be problems with this, as I am lazy and inept in this regard. I will be corrected. Again, it is not necessary to do everything yourself, for example, dig a well or change the roof. But again, no one forbids if desired. Maybe we decide to build - it’s even interesting to learn.
    • education for the child. Not sure if this is a problem. Lomonosov wanted to study, came to Moscow on foot. Shevchenko also grew in the village. A friend lived in the village, studied in the city, now works as a programmer in Malta (hi Gansik, is it anything that I’m on a par with Lomonosov and Shevchenko?;)
    • boredom. I won’t be bored. Baby too. Hope the wife too. The decision, of course, was taken together about the move.
    • what other problems scare me

    Fun and fan

    • Gathered a list of those "little joys" of which I spoke above. Everyone has their own list.
    • work not in a dusty office, but in the garden under the apple tree. A? ;)Or arrange an office in the attic. Put the server with Wi-Fi, and move with the laptop to the place where it is convenient.
    • books, movies, TV, music, no one has canceled. I don’t go to theaters and night clubs. If you wish, you can go to the city, unwind.
    • fishing, hunting (?)
    • bird feeders in winter
    • pick nuts for the winter, make pickles
    • plant a tree in the yard, decorate it for the new year
    • make a beautiful courtyard, like in the movie “Kill Bill”
    • pottery
    • grow spices and make mixtures for yourself. basil, dill, caraway seeds, etc.
    • make a mixture for tea: linden, currant, raspberry, ...
    • to grow mushrooms (champignons, oyster mushrooms, ...)
    • ride the whole family on bicycles
    • dovecote
    • I have long dreamed of having a dog
    • barbecue / outdoor barbecue
    • blog about how a programmer lives in a village
    • quotes from the forum on gorod.dp.ua - thanks to the author, did not write down his name

    “About the fireplace. To have your own house and not have a fireplace ??? This is nonsense. Fireplace ... On long winter evenings ... It's nice to sit in a chair by the fireplace, stretch your legs, put a laptop on your knees and read messages from the forum. ”
    “... my dad’s dream is a wooden house in the wilderness, a rocking chair, a checkered blanket, books ... and no one else but his family ...”

    Who is with me?

    That hero ;)Seriously, we would be very happy if someone would keep us company. Together more fun and easier. Help and mutual assistance. I noticed such moods in people. At gorod.dp.ua/forum/ several people (hi to you) expressed a similar desire. Hansik (now in Malta) drank a lot of beer discussing this idea. I hope that nothing will change and he will join as he arrives.
    We planned (God forbid) to do the relocation in the spring of 2009.

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