Rusavtobus made traffic jams

    Route issuance

    Starting today, the Russian passenger transport card provides its users with the opportunity to search for and plan optimal routes on public transport taking into account the current traffic congestion in Moscow.

    Traffic information is provided for each section of the route. It is displayed directly on the route in the information output unit. The degree and structure of the current load of the road is demonstrated simultaneously in 4 versions:
    1. In points from 1 to 10 opposite each ground section of the route;
    2. Color filling the corresponding area: from green to dark brown. In addition, each point has its own color;
    3. In the form of structural color display of the loaded section - the percentage of the ratio of the carriageway with free movement, the difficult section and the traffic jam is shown in percentage terms;
    4. And a textual description of the situation on the route section.
    Cork structureAt the same time, you can view information in the 1st and 2nd modes immediately, directly on the issued route, and for viewing in the 3rd and 4th modes it is enough just to move the mouse over the numerical value of the traffic jam in points.

    In addition, the developers made sure that each user had a choice: make a decision on choosing a route taking into account traffic jams on their own or get such a recommendation from the service.

    For those who prefer to choose their own routes, the service by default displays the situation on the road in the "show traffic jams, but do not take them into account" mode. At the same time, traffic jams are displayed, but the estimated travel time does not take them into account. The user independently, based on his own experience, determines the potential delays due to traffic jams and selects a route.

    For those who want to receive a recommendation from the service about the best routes at a given time, they can choose the “show traffic jams and consider them in the calculations” mode. In this case, the service will recalculate the estimated travel time and offer the user optimal routes taking into account the current workload.

    Service from today is available in test mode. The developers will be grateful to users for information on any inaccuracies found.

    Have a good trip!

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