Google opens BigTable for DBMS developers

    It became known that Google plans to open its BigTable DBMS for developers next week . This event, of course, can be regarded as a challenge to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the beginning of an exciting competition with Amazon SimpleDB.

    BigTable - A scalable database system based on the Google File System(Gfs). Designed to store and manage a huge array of structured data, taking into account internal use at Google. The system contains hundreds of terabytes of information on thousands of Google servers. The development of BigTable was started in 2004, and active use in February 2005. Applications in which Google uses BigTable - Google Search, Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Finance, Google Print, Orkut, YouTube, Blogger, etc.

    Google has not yet announced the cost of BigTable, but is likely to use the same pricing model as Amazon Web Services. There is no doubt that the development of the platform will continue and the task of solving the scalability of needs for developers will be completed. As with the three complementary Amazon services (Amazon SimpleDB , S3 , EC2 ), the product is positioned as a technical infrastructure for building web startups.

    Additional Information BigTable ( PDF ).

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