The story "I'll tell you"

    The story, which takes place in a classic fantasy setting. One of a series of stories about this world. If the public asks, I will post more.

    PS - I apologize for the previous attempt. Habrakat literally flew out of my head due to the fact that I publish something extremely rarely. Although, at the same time, I didn’t forget about the habracat earlier. Well, thanks to everyone who smartly zinnusut. It will be a lesson to me.

    ______________ It was

    surprisingly sunny for this part of Tiara day. The bright sun hovered high above the earth, overthrowing it not heat fluxes.
    Across the large village, perched on the top of a gentle hill, the sounds that were familiar and ordinary for the inhabitants were heard. Somewhere talkative hens clucked, somewhere an ax pounded, somewhere a wife blasphemed an inconspicuous husband.
    On a small square in the middle of the village, limping, a traveler came out. Slightly stooped, but even tall, he leaned heavily on a long staff. Black, tattered clothes, going down to the very feet, hid the wanderer from prying eyes, and the pulled-up hood did not allow to see facial features. The traveler looked around and sat tiredly on a small bench, standing in the shadow of a tall tree.
    Four kids ran past, waving wooden sticks like swords.
    “We play war,” shouted one of them, the older one. “I will be a giant.”
    “And I am a man,” supported the second.
    - Hey. Well, I don’t want to be a gnome again.
    - And can I be a gnome, - only now the guy who caught up with his comrades was definitely distinguished by the youngest age of the whole company.
    “I told you, a little one.” Leave me alone. You can't be a gnome. If you want to play with us, you can be an elf, ”the elder was adamant.
    - Nuuu. Not. I do not want to be long-eared.
    The wanderer who watched the children smiled slightly.
    “If you don't want to, you can be a goblin,” the instigator said.
    “Why can't I be a gnome.”
    “Because the dwarf is me!” - the third one shouted displeasedly and pushed the baby. - Leave me alone!
    The “heroes” fled, and the youngest, sobbing, rose from the ground and sat on a bench near the wanderer.
    - Offend? - he asked.
    The kid looked in surprise at the one sitting nearby, after which, sniffing, he importantly said:
    “Yes, I did not want to play with them.” Really needed.
    The wanderer smiled again.
    - Do you want to listen to the story?
    “Which?” The boy's eyes lit up. - About the heroes?
    “Well, in a way ... Only about one hero.”
    “Yes, I want to,” the little boy nodded.
    - Then listen. I will tell you ...
    Vit entered the village, weary fingering. Feet stuck in the mud. The elf, taking the next step, almost slipped and fell on one knee. Cold, prickly drops drove unpleasantly into his face, obeying gusts of wind. Today everything was against Vita. Even nature raged, taking the side of the "awakened". But the warrior knew that he had to go. The vampire slept for a very long time. He is hungry. Of course, you can wait until the "awakened" gets drunk, and then kill him. Indeed, for the council of initiates, the main thing is that the bloodsucker be dead. They don't care how many people the vampire will kill before. He must die, because he knows too much about how the present world has become what it has become. In this case, the salvation of the innocent is of no weight to the council. But Wit was still in a hurry, realizing that the old bloodsucker would likely prefer baby blood in order to get more strength.
    The elf rose heavily and went on, wincing from a cold drizzle.
    The village square met Vita with a crowd of people. Residents gathered here, despite the cold rain. The women roared at the top of their voices, clutching the scared children, the men gathered to the side around the headman. Some with a pitchfork, some with clubs, they randomly shouted and cursed.
    “Why argue here, we must go after the bloodsucker.” Until he killed the kid, ”a hefty man shouted, apparently a blacksmith.
    - Yes? So maybe you’ll go, if so brave? Someone gave a voice from the crowd. “Do you think that we will fork him with a generation?” Well evil. He is not afraid of simple iron.
    - So now? Leave the boy to eat and wait until the next one arrives, the bastard is cursed? - the blacksmith answered.
    - Or maybe so. Let it eat. Maybe eat up.
    “If it was your son, Red, I would have looked, then you would be bored,” the headman shouted. - We must go ...
    - I apologize respectable! The approaching elf interrupted in a firm voice. “I'm sorry to interfere, but I think I know what happened to you.” I can help.
    - This is how you help, long-eared?
    “I hunt this vampire.”
    “And we can do without you, inhuman!” - the headman measured Vita with a contemptuous look.
    - Exactly, exactly !!! Someone shouted, but the others grumbled.
    - Do not get excited Mathis. Maybe long-eared really helps.
    “But how will he help?” Are you afraid?
    “I know how to kill him,” the elf said confidently. “And certainly not with your pitchfork.” Not only will you destroy the child, you will also go to death yourself. How long has he taken the guy away?
    A bored and frightened peasant shyly approached Vit.
    - Well no. Not. Recently. My wife saw. Reptile did not have time to consider it, but saw how he took Timku. He grabbed the child and flew away.
    The elf carefully looked at the man. If the vampire actually flew away, it means that he has already managed to drink enough blood. So, I have already gained strength. Although the hope remains that the frightened woman came up with fears, or seemed to her.
    At this moment, the obese woman standing nearby, for a moment ran up to Vit and grabbed the sleeve.
    - Save, save the son, elf. Whatever you want, just save my boy, my dear. We thank you whatever you want, ”the woman roared with all her voice.
    “I will try ...” said Vit.
    Here it is - the lair of the "awakened". The elf approached the dark cave. He felt death and the power that blew from the cold throat of the rock. The vampire is there. The hunter's blue eyes peered intently into the darkness of the black hole.
    Wit took off his travel bag from his shoulder and threw it to the ground. Now she is only a hindrance to him. The elf picked up a small shield and a short sword. The warrior did not lie when he told the villagers that a vampire could not cope with simple weapons. The elf’s sword, created specifically to destroy the “awakened”, possessed considerable magical power. Vit raised his head to the darkening sky and, feeling the coolness of small drops, confidently entered the dark yawn. A narrow passage in the rock monolith led down. Cautiously, trying not to make a sound, the Warrior moved forward. When the narrow hole ended, Vit fell into a large cave, the arches of which went somewhere into the dark. Even the elf's tenacious eyes barely recognized the high ceiling. The initiate looked around. There was no vampire anywhere, and in the middle of the cave sat a small child. He buried his head in his lap and sobbed quietly. Wit listened. Everything was quiet.
    “Baby,” the elf whispered. Hearing this, the child abruptly recoiled. - Do not be afraid. I'm here to protect you.
    The boy looked hopefully at the elf, but suddenly his face twisted in horror. Wit instantly turned to the right, and slanted with a sword obliquely. The blade whistled through the darkness at the moment when something crashed into the exposed shield, carving a sheaf of sparks. There was a loud rattle, and the warrior was thrown back a few steps. Wit, not having time to group, fell on his back. A strong blow knocked air out of the lungs. Coughing, the elf rolled with difficulty and jumped to his feet, throwing away a useless shield. On it flaunted four furrows from the claws, which ravaged the metal like a rag. After a moment, the elf barely managed to dodge the second attack. A black shadow swept past in an indistinguishable impulse and soared under the vaults of the cave.

    The elf hunted around, peering up. Now it has become scary. The Awakened was too strong. Of course, you could run away. In a narrow aisle, Vita would have been more likely, but the warrior could not leave the boy alone. The initiate with difficulty suppressed a trembling and slowly moved along the cave, pressing his back against the wall. Again, a quick shadow flickered again and darted down. Obeying instincts, the elf, pushing himself hard, rushed to meet the enemy, throwing forward his hand with a sword. The blade crashed into something solid and bounced to the side, twisting the brush. A sharp pain burned the thigh. Inertia flew two steps and fell. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a heavy monster crashing into the floor and flying head over heels. Wide webbed wings, not having time to form, burst with a bang, turning into useless scraps. Warrior, ignoring the pain raised his sword and jumped up, hoping to catch a vampire before he gets around. Once close, Vit swung with force and slashed the enemy in the neck. The blade went deep into the flesh, but the monster’s powerful paw knocked the hunter down from his feet and tore the weapon out. The vampire hissed loudly, breaking into a squeak. The wound inflicted by the enchanted blade caused him unbearable pain. Awkwardly pushing himself off the ground, the "awakened" jumped onto the wall and crawled up. Vit stood up heavily on his elbow. Only now he has examined the monster. The vampire appeared before him in his true incarnation. His chest was covered by a dense black shell, turning into skin only near the neck. Huge hands ended in long, hard as steel claws, easily breaking open the shield. Torn and broken webbed wings dangled behind. The bald little head of the monster was turned towards Vitus. Two hateful eyes burned on his smooth face, somewhere below, the dark gaps of the nostrils were hardly guessed, and below them an open mouth, exposing sharp white teeth.
    The monster shook heavily, after which, tearing itself off the wall, collapsed down. The enchanted sword has done its job. Wit fell heavily on the stone. Acute pain from the thigh spread throughout the body. Blood seemed to get hot, and my heart was beating faster, driving this boiling water through me. The elf groaned loudly. He guessed what was wrong with him. The original vampire inflicted a wound on him, being in his true incarnation. The warrior will now die at best. Although, there is still another way.
    Wit, having hardly climbed on karachki, crawled to the defeated enemy. At that moment, a boy hiding in the far corner of the cave ran to the elf and hugged him with tears in his eyes.
    - Let's get out of here. Let's go, ”the child whined.
    “No ...” Vit squeezed out with difficulty. - Blood ... His blood ... I need to drink ...
    A hot fire has already swept the whole body. Each breath burst into the lungs with a flame. Unable to make any more movements, the elf sprawled on the stone floor. My eyes darkened.
    The hunter barely opened his eyelids. His ears rang, and he lifted his heavy head from the ground. The body hardly listened, but the heat disappeared. The elf listened for pain, and felt a strange bitter taste in his mouth. Touching his face, the warrior felt something slimy and sticky on him. Looking around, Vit saw his defeated enemy. A boy was sitting next to him, and with tears in his eyes, with difficulty suppressing nausea and fear, he was drawing in his hands the blood flowing from the monster’s wound. Having typed enough, the boy jumped up and ran to his savior.
    - Drink ... Drink. Did you need this? - tears and blood flowed on the cheeks of the child.
    The elf was unable to utter a word, dropped his lips to his bloody palms and took two sips. Pleasant weakness scattered across my body. The boy looked at Vita a little scaredly.
    - You ... Your eyes ...
    - What is the matter with them? The elf said with difficulty.
    “They ... made one black.”
    - A. Don’t be afraid, baby. It will pass, - the initiate dropped his head on the stone.
    - What? What happened to you? - scared the boy. - Bring more?
    - No, it’s not necessary. Now ... I'll rest a little ... The
    kid looked at the wanderer with big eyes.
    “And he saved the boy?”
    - Yes. He saved the boy and returned him to his parents.
    “He must have become a hero in that village.”
    The traveler thought, looking into the void.
    - Yes. He became a real hero and received a reward.
    Vit climbed the hill heavily, holding the boy in his arms. The child clung to the elf with his whole body. He was still trembling. Nothing, soon the baby will be home. In truth, the elf himself was very tired. He barely kept his feet. The wounded thigh was still bleeding.
    Approaching the gate, Vit heard someone shout: “The elf is back! With Timka! ” After some time, the hunters were already surrounded by the villagers. There was a murmur.
    - What is with his eyes?
    - Look, look, the boy has blood.
    The elf glanced at the child. He was all smeared with vampire blood.
    Suddenly, the child's parents ran out of the crowd.
    - Timka, Timka! Shouted the woman. - He has blood. What did you do to him, geek.
    Mother pulled the boy out of Vita’s hands.
    - With him ... with him everything is fine ... - the tired and confused elf babbled.
    - Son, my boy, what's wrong with you? - parents cried out for interruption, not paying attention to the savior.
    The elder came out of the crowd.
    - Now you see? Did I say that we need to go ourselves? Look what the long-eared did to the baby. Yes, he himself is some kind of dark volleyball. Look into his eyes. - The elder pulled the elf by the hair.
    From a surprise, the weakened Vitus bent his legs and he fell to his knees. The hunter angrily looked at the man. In the past, people would never have dared to treat elves this way. But now ... Too many centuries have passed since the elves came to the aid of the opposing army, when people, gnomes and giants did not have any chance of victory. The events of those days were forgotten by people. Their memory is as short as a century.
    - What did you do with the child? - the elder continued to yell. - Speak, nits.
    The elf firmly looked into the peasant's eyes and whispered something in his own language. It became clear from the headman's face that he was frightened. Who knows what those words were. Maybe some kind of evil eye.
    “What are you whispering there, undead?”
    People have murmured. The elder grabbed a knife from his belt and put Vita on his neck.
    - What did the child do? - the initiate was silent, looking at his offender. Now he could not do anything. He could have been stabbed like a ram, but there was no more strength to resist. - Silence, bastard long-eared. And if so?
    Pain. The elf jerked and leaned over. He saw a piece of ear fall near his knees. Something warm flowed down his cheek. Instant, and again pain. Something is already flowing along the other cheek.
    - Mathis, Mathis, everything is normal with Timka!
    - What?
    - Yes, everything is fine! - stood next to the boy's father. - It's not his blood.
    Vit raised his head and looked angrily at the headman. He hesitated.
    “Well look at me, undead.” If something is wrong with the boy ...
    “What then, sapines?” - interrupted him Vit.
    “You ... You ... Do not bring the One.” Vali from here, while alive.
    The hunter got up with difficulty, looked at the stumps of his ears, lying on the ground, and looked again at the headman. He swallowed hard. Vit looked at the frightened parents of the child, turned and walked. Residents timidly parted before a strange elf with black eyes.
    A man came up to the bench.
    “Wit, how many times have I told you not to molest people.”
    The wanderer twitched, and then slowly turned to the approaching man.
    “I don't molest, dad.” Uncle told me a story, - the boy jumped up and ran to his father.
    - It's okay. He did not pester. I just told him one story.
    The man, hearing the voice of a traveler, looked at him intensely.
    - Something I sat up. Time to go.
    The wanderer clumsily leaned on the staff and stood up. A light gust of wind tore off his hood, revealing his face.
    “Wit ...” the boy’s father only said, looking at the traveler. Ear chunks stuck out from under long gray hair, and black eyes looked at the man. - Wit, is that you?
    The child scaredly hid behind his father, looking at the terrible traveler, who hastily threw a hood over his head.
    “Vit ...” the man continued to babble, after which he jumped to the elf and hugged him. The confused traveler dropped the staff, and then restrainedly patted the man on the back. He pulled back. “I so wanted to see you someday.” Let's go to my house. You are always welcome there.
    - No, Tim. Do not. I am very glad that you are doing well. Goodbye.
    Vit awkwardly bent over the staff, picked it up, looked at his father and son once more, then turned around and walked slowly toward the gate. He smiled. He smiled like probably never before.
    - Pa, pa, who was it? - the boy pulled his father's pants. - Pa!
    - It? Let's go home, Vit. I will tell you.

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