Adobe Air Alpha 1 for Linux

    I will tell you about interesting news, released Adobe Air For Linux.
    It can be downloaded for any Linux distribution, as It is supplied by the bin installer.

    So, let's begin!

    Installing Adobe Air Now it's time to install the air applications themselves. I chose two: snitter and twihrl , both applications are written for . And so, let's go. Download and install the air application. Twihrl is also placed . Everything was delivered without a hitch. We launch applications ... oops! A familiar picture, this is how applications requiring a composite manager look like.

    Which is quite understandable. Turn on composite and get ... Oh! Everything is beautiful and wonderful! It is necessary to write something :) Hmm! What can I say? And in Adobe Flash, exactly the same. In general, a Cyrillic-speaking one can still smoke in the corridor ... So, for the sake of experiment, we will try a snitter ... A miracle did not happen ... Close snitter Opa, this is the first application error (Do not pay attention to the black background of the application, then I turned off compiz), the snitter refuses to close, it I liked Linux;) Well, at the same time we will check how to close the Adobe Air application crashes. Here it is, darling, it’s nice that we found it as a separate application :) You can kill ... The result.

    What is the outcome? For those who use the Cyrillic alphabet - not comforting. We have to wait and wait ...
    For everyone else - pretty good results.
    Drawing, of course, slows down a little, but quite tolerably.
    Very not bad alpha released by Adobe Labs, I hope they will not forget the Cyrillic :)

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