"Letter for you!"

    Almost all the services on which I am registered provide the ability to notify about various events - a new comment, friendship notifications, birthdays, and more. But is it so convenient and is each new comment worth a separate letter, and is it as expeditious as we would like? Not really. In my understanding, the mailbox serves as a repository of letters to which I can return. I don’t like my inbox clogged with letters “New comment, new message” I delete them anyway. I was notified and I deleted the letter, I do not need to return to this message.

    So, raking the mail again, I realized what I was missing. Namely - event notifications on icq, jabber, MSN or mobile. I sit stably in icq and will be immensely happy if I have, for example, 4 contacts in icq: habrabot, vkontakte, linkedin, lastfm. It takes a couple of seconds to read a new message and does not require email, email verification, etc. Efficiency and interactivity is increased significantly, and the implementation is not more complicated than sending mail.

    As for the implementation, the interface needs to be expanded and in addition to “notify me about this and this” add the item “notify via mail, icq, MSN, SMS”, and if there is such a miracle as jabber, we can use various libraries for WEB applications and use gateways for communication with various Internet messengers, saving yourself the trouble of implementing each protocol separately.

    However, I will not be surprised that this already exists, so the first thing the note aims to hone the proposal in the comments and encourage developers to go beyond the ordinary and come to the framework simple and convenient, creating new standards.

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