Artificial Intelligence on the Xeon Platform. Intel buys Nervana

    Intel has long been successfully working in the field of artificial intelligence. Now, success, for sure, will be even greater. Announced the acquisition by the corporation of the American company Nervana , engaged in software and hardware in-depth analysis. Thus, you can easily foresee that in the near future, Intel products will be enriched with new functionality. In the photo you can see the satisfied bidders: Diana Bryant, executive vice president of Intel and the founding fathers of Nervana. Under the cut - a short information about the company Nervana, its products and already presented the fruits of cooperation with Intel.

    Nervana was founded in 2014 in San Diego, California by three founders: Navin Rao, Arzhun Bansal and Amir Hosrovshaki. Nervana initially focused on in-depth technology and by 2016 became a recognized leader in this field. In its portfolio there are several software and hardware products:

    1. Nervana Neon - an open source deep learning framework that is twice as high as its performance
    2. Nervana Cloud - a specialized deep-learning cloud platform,
    3. Nervana Engine - a deep learning hardware platform (ASIC) that provides a tenfold increase in the speed of the process due to optimization for a specialized task.

    Nervana technologies will become an integral part of the platform to accelerate the deep utilization of Intel Nervana, along with Intel Xeon and FPGA Altera processors. To date, the planned release of two products of the line is announced: a discrete Lake Crest accelerator (output is scheduled for the first half of 2017) and a Knights Crest hybrid solution, which includes an Intel Xeon processor, where you can load the operating system without additional hardware and additional accelerating items. Released hybrid is not called.

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