The future of iMac through the eyes of Nuno Teixeira

    Many Apple products of the "last" wave are in great demand not so much due to any functions, but due to the use of an innovative approach to design and user interface. But there is no limit to perfection: designer Nuno Teixeira decided to pamper the Yabloko with an interesting and somewhat mysterious iMac iView concept .

    Firstly, in the future, iMac, on the idea of ​​Nuno Teixeira, will be made in the form of a monoblock with a curved (inspired by Alienware and NEC?) touch screen. And secondly, the iMac iView will have two screens: in addition to the main one, an additional one is also provided on the rear panel. In addition, the concept is “equipped” with two cameras (front and rear). Why - it's still a mystery. You may need cameras to communicate with a user sitting on the other side of the table. However, this explanation does not claim to be true.

    Whether Apple will adopt any iMac iView ideas is another question. But the concept is really entertaining.

    via ITNews

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