Partnership with Ozone. 186 cents per day ...

    In other words, as of 03.03.2007, the “income” from the partnership program with ozone amounted to 671 rubles 58 kopecks
    Recently mentioned Blogs. New sphere of influence. , which Vladimir Zhilinsky definitely bought through ozone , brought 56 ​​rubles 4 kopecks out of them.

    In terms of one book mentioned, this is about 26 rubles 86 kopecks on average ...

    I’m not a “thousand- year- old”, therefore I don’t know how it is with “them”, but fairly ordinary blogs definitely cannot be monetized directly. You can achieve any indirect benefits you like, but there’s not even a direct monetization here.

    Formally, I'm certainly wrong, And 670 rubles - of course money. But ... if I was asked to write a note for money, then of course I would call the market rate of a journalist $ 150. Perhaps the note would be larger, or something else. but certainly not 26 rubles 86 kopecks.

    What I didn’t like is the conversion statistics are stored only for the last month. With such incomes, it seems to me to visit once a year - often enough :)

    It seems to me fairly honest to play half of this money among active readers of this blog. On March 3rd, I’ll come up with some stupid contest and play it out. It is clear that the prize will be - a book for half the bonus amount from ozone.

    Man Brand

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