Coworking Center Concept

    We look at the voting results. We see what people demand, winning points: “Yes, in the team you can learn from someone else’s experience and share your own” plus “Office in the green part of the city .
    Hence the goal of this whole undertaking is to unite freelancers for live communication in a pleasant place. Moreover, since these are freelancers, there should be a maximum of freedom .

    This means that individual people should be involved in unification . I really liked the idea of ​​a business center at the micro level of the user llamma llamma. He called it WorkSpace Provider, WSP. Read .

    And that shouldBe a business center, not a grandma’s office in the basement. We do not want to save on everything. On the contrary, for Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev, I suppose to bet on maximum comfort.

    Key points:
    There should be at least no worse than at home. Otherwise, why pay for it ?;

    24 hours (my old dream :) free entry / exit after pre-registration;

    A variety of flexible types (plans) of payment for your stay here;

    All work on their laptops on the local network via WiFi;

    One (or two identical for smokers / non-smokers) large main room with a pleasant design and windows over greens, a park (better ground floor in the city center with direct access to this park);

    As in the photo from the LH post, everyone works at one large table, within which you can freely move and communicate (without even getting off the chair :);

    Perhaps several large armchairs in front of the windows away from the table;

    Perhaps on one wall several marker boards, on another screen for a projector;

    There is a person who is responsible for the sale of simple food. You can make affiliates with nearby pizzerias or cafes, then there will be a person who carries orders from there;

    There is a person who is responsible for the printer – scanner – music_phone;

    There is a person who is involved in security and maintaining a friendly atmosphere;

    There is a brand under which all this is sold;

    There is a famous person on the net who is promoting this whole thing;

    There is an online support resource on which those who wish lay out the topics of what they are working on and when they usually come here in time.

    What did you forget?

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